Panzer Dragoon Character Competition R2P1

First part of Round Two. You have till Thursday to vote on these.

Iva 7 Orta 9
Paet 15 Mobo 1

Azel vs Lagi
Abadd vs Zastava

Craymen vs Edge
Orta vs Paet

Zastava is just plain obvious.He is just a cool and original character that adds MUCH to PDS even tho he doesn’t appear much.

Azel just plays a more emotional role than Lagi.

Azel and Abadd. The Abadd/Zastava decision was pretty tough though.

Azel and Abadd for me too. I thought that the Azel / Lagi choice was tricky, though.

BTW, I’m surprised that Mobo got so completely hated out last week - surely he’s not that bad a character? I mean, he must have more personality than Paet; even if his dress-sense is, well, slightly more embarassing :slight_smile:

More personality than Paet?!You gotta be kidding me!

If Azel doesn’t win this whole comp, I think I’ll scream. She is…well, a good character. Ok, she’s nice too. In fact, why am I typing this…


Zastava va. Abadd was hard to decide. :slight_smile: For a moment I almost forgot which one I did vote for. (It was Abadd.) I feel sorry for Paet next week though. Poor guy.

If anyone votes for Orta next week Ill rip you a new hole!!!

:> I didn’t say where exactly tho.

Please specify just in case I do wish to vote for Orta.

I’m voting for Orta in the next round.

Right next to your A hole!!

Azel wins against Lagi. Lagi may be a dragon, but how can he defeat the mighty power of the living Taoist symbol?

Abadd wins against Zastava, because Abadd… Well, he’s Abadd. What more can you say?

Yeah, well, Zustava is Zustava. So therefore, they are what they are. Hmm.

The comment about the Ying/Yang symbol wasn’t too funny (I lie).

You better be lying…

Damn!I just ahd a joke to go with your taoist comment Orta.Too bad you guys don’t understand portugese :frowning:

Oh and Orta : you suck!!Zastava is the man!

Hey, Taoism is cool! I’m part Taoist. More so now that it has been related to Panzer Dragoon. :smiley:


Abadd is cool, but Zastava rocks!

Abadd probably has more bother remembering his lines than Zustava.

“Meh heh heh heh heh heh! Hehe haha! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA”

Abadd “scartches” his lines.


Oh and Orta : you suck!!Zastava is the man![/quote]

… My opinion is my opinion. If Zasatava and Abadd got in a gun fight or a fist fight, yeah, Zatava has him beat. But if it had to go down to Abadd’s Mare… Do the math…