Panzer Dragoon Character Comp Semi Finals

This’ll be open untill the end of Sunday.

Azel vs Zastava
Edge vs Paet

Edge and Azel.

same as solo.

This can’t be happening!

Paet and Zastava here.

Same as Solo

Well just to sound different, I voted the same as Al3x. (So yeah, same as Solo).

I guess it’s just because Edge and Azel are more developed characters, what with them being main characters and all. Maybe if Paet had been given his own game by now he’d be getting more votes…

(I wonder what “Panzer Dragoon Paet” would be like? Would we finally get to see him put on some other clothes, instead of those one-piece pink overalls he wears through the entirity of Saga?)


Same as Lance.

Same as Dopefish.

I really wish I could’ve voted for Paet again but… not against Edge.

There is a reason I voted for Paet and Zastava you know?

They are both very original and altho Edge and Azel are very good thery still have a lot of clich? carateristics.

Good point, I hadn’t thought of that.

I wouldn’t really call them original.

Paet is the typical technology expert which you see in many different media.
Zastava is your token insane mercenary who really believes he’s doing good.

They’re more original than Edge and Azel though, granted.

That was not the kind of clich? I meant.I mean the personality.

I can’t see Azel and Edge losing this round…

Main characters always have to win.No one pays attention to the ones who really deserve it :frowning:

Maybe Paet and Zastava don’t deserve it because they aren’t as developed.

Well in my mind they are still better.This is the communitty’s choice.

I know, i was just playing Devil’s Advocate.

That wasn’t directed to you.I was just giving up the fight.

Nnnnnnooooooo, Paeeeeeeeet!


On the other hand, we have the wacky inventor and the shotgun wielding madman.