Panzer Dragoon Character Comp R2P2

Monday will be the last day of voting.

Azel 12 Lagi 3
Abadd 7 Zastava 8

Craymen vs Edge
Orta vs Paet

Future (Semi Finals):
Azel vs Zastava
Craymen/Edge vs Orta/Paet

Paet pwns Orta any day.Craymen pwns Edge anyday.

I put Edge vs Orta, but if it was an option I would have chosen Edge and Craymen.

Oh.I get it : if it was an option :wink:


Btw, damn you for voting Orta.Betrayer!

I voted for Edge and Orta too. Since Orta is an evil villain just waiting to happen, Paet could only tremble in fear before her.

Oooh you are so asking for it!Paet is the ebst man!How can someone not prefer him over Orta?!The guy’s got personality and he could easily be real.Orta could never accomplish that.

Plus Paet’s got an airplane.Paet is not goofy like some people make him sound.

Paet may have personality, but Orta has “the power to change the world”, not to mention she has a burning desire to see the world burn as punishment for stealing her childhood. >:)

That’s why don’t often like what other people consider “cool” characters.Ooohhh!Badarse!


Sorry Gehn, Edge and Orta get my vote too :slight_smile:

(Although I was close to voting for Craymen…)

Is it any consolation that I voted for Paet? :slight_smile: Poor guy’s gotta have some friends after all.

Oh, and my other vote went to Edge. Underdogs. Gotta love 'em. :slight_smile:

Paet > Orta IMO, Paet is definently one of the best PD charactors while Orta was merely a “good” charactor.

Edge vs Craymen was harder, but in the end, I decided to go for Edge because he is such a well designed character that you really do care about what happens to him.

What the blue hell are you guys doing voting against Paet???


You tell 'em Footy!! :slight_smile:

Common, you guys have to be insane not to vote Paet.

C’mon, tiebreaker…I voted Edge and Paet too, btw.

Edge and Paet here. I can’t judge Orta characters, don’t forget.

Craymen. Paet. Yup.

I may like Orta, I may share her name while online, but still… She’d get her ass kicked.