Panzer dragoon art

hello im dreman75 and im just introducing myself to this

a huge panzer dragoon nut i feel that the game series is underappreciated

and it deserves better recognition than the niche title for hardcore gamers.i

am a artist who likes to put my own twist on the already good art direction

the series has so i hope you like the pick i posted

Kyle on post-Saga dragon, nice. Great work on most of this, I’m not too fond of the dragon’s legs and the actual rider but overall it’s great :slight_smile:

toward the end of the pic i did get a little lazy on the rider i chose

to focus on the dragon more. the legs i made more dinosaur like on

purpose because i didnt like the grasshopper legs on the official pic.

thanks for the fair critiszm its much appreciated. i will be posting

more in the next coming months.

Very nice. I’m sure that will raise a few eyebrows!


It certainly looks good but have you a larger version perhaps?

  here is the larger image thank you!!!!!

Very nice job. :anjou_happy:

Do you mind if I add it to the site’s Fan Art pages?

sure!!! you can post it

I am currently trying to “Wind Waker” the panzer dragoon characters a bit…

Although I am going with less deformed proportions than Wind Waker uses (I am not a fan of midgets).

Sorry for hijacking thread ;p

Nice work Chizzles. I like it. Are you planning to do a series of them?

These are just rough planning sketches atm.

I eventually plan on making vectors of them, and perhaps even using them in a (short) flash animation, I have been toying with the idea for a few weeks, and already got some people doing background graphics for me. :anjou_embarassed:

nice i like that look it remnds me of those old final fantasy

games. good job on the expression

wow :anjou_love:

nice stuff!

I really wanna start drawing… im gonna start soon, ive only ever done one proper drawing post secondary school =P

Got a script for the flash animation done, now I am just needs to draw story boards! Wakakakakaka, :anjou_sad:

Or maybe make it 3D, I dunno, cell shaded?

Thoughts plz.