Panzer Dragoon announcements (you wish)

When were each of the 4 main Panzer Dragoon games announced?Does anyone recall?I mean the actuall place or event.

I.e. E3 etc

I’m just trying to figure out if the possibilities of a new PD beeing announced this E3 are bigger than 1%.

PS : Side note - anyone knows who owns

Panzer Dragoon Orta, along with JSRF and Gun Valkyre were announced shortly after Sega confirmed that they were abandoning the Dreamcast. That was around Februrary 2001. appears to be owned by a guy called Anthony Torres. I wonder if he’s every going to do anything with it, especially considering that it is now 2005 :slight_smile:

Panzer was never announced at E3 … everytime I was at E3, there was either a known Panzer game or not- it was never an E3 suprise.

E3 is not a good place for such suprises- any announcements you make get lost in the shuffle- this year it will all be about Xbox 360 and Ps3 …

Hopefully we’ll see a new Panzer Dragoon RPG at E3 along with Sonic 360. Won’t the Xbox need new RPGs set in unique worlds to separate it from the competition, especially when we all know that Square-Enix will continue to rally its support behind Sony? I don’t want the Xbox 360 to suffer from the same draught of RPGs as its predecessor.

While I should be making an effort to get into gaming once I have a job, a new Panzer game would definitely be a major ‘catalyst’ for me to get my butt in gear and fork out for a new console! :anjou_happy:

Panzer Dragoon was 1st shown off that the 94 CES show where it was know as 3D Shooting Game.

I can’t remember exaclty but sure SEGA confirmed that they were working on part 2 (then know as Project Pereus) before they even finished the USA/Pal versions of Panzer Dragoon.

SAGA was shown off at the Tokyo Game 1997 show in April. But SEGA Saturn mag in Japan and the UK were the 1st to show off screen shots (a month before hand in the mag issue.

Not sure about ORTA.

Anway it’s time for a new Dragoon to take flight :slight_smile:

I think we should hope for the best, yet expect the worst.

Sega should be unveiling a few more games bound for this generation of consoles as well as the next at this year’s E3.

i always hope for the best

who owns

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[quote=“hein”]i always hope for the best

who owns

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