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Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting here at the Will of the Ancients. I’m not sure if anyone remembers me, but for a time I used to frequent Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon and was in the process of attempting to create content for PanzerDragoon.Org back in the day…

However, I wore myself too thin between creating that site and managing another one and eventually they both were closed down. However during that time I was fairly successful at collecting a ton of Panzer Dragoon merchandise directly off of Japanese auctions. I’m still hoping that I might one day find some time to spare in creating another Panzer Dragoon site, but for now I just wanted to pop a question out to see if anyone would be interested in a possible project that I might consider taking on or if it would be a complete waste of time.

One of the collectibles that I found was an original master VHS tape of the Panzer Dragoon OVA animation in the original Japanese dialogue. Having had it sit on my shelf for several years, I never got around to watching it until sometime last week. At first glance I was rather impressed, but unfortunately my level of Japanese was not high enough to really comprehend what was being said. So later that evening I searched to see if AD Vision had released a subtitled version of their domesticated release, but I did not see one available so I picked up an English VHS tape for next to nothing and I’ve just now finished watching it.

Overall, while the anime wasn’t really that great, the animation wasn’t terrible at least and it did follow most of the events of the first game with a bit of a twist here and there, but I thought what really killed my ability to enjoy it was the severity of terrible English dialogue for the characters.

As of now, I do not have any experience with subtitling, but I’d be willing to try to see if I could apply the script for the English version (albeit a few changes here and there to make the dialogue sound better and flow smoother) to the Japanese version and attempt to make the first ever subtitled version of the Japanese Panzer Dragoon OVA. That is… unless someone has already beat me to it or if no one would find that interesting enough to give it a try.

Just food for thought. At any rate, even though I haven’t been around the PD community for awhile, my love for the series has not diminished at all. Matter of fact, recently I did a fairly sizeable art project for a drawing class at my university that was drawn from the Panzer Dragoon Orta bust statue. Drawing it really made me feel like I should get back into the series again as well as the community.


Panzer Dragoon Anime sucks. Cave Story rocks. That is all :anjou_love:

I know this is kind of off topic but could you post a picture of this drawing I’m very interested to see how it turned out.

Sure thing. Unfortunately I do not own a scanner large enough to cover each 18"x24" sheet, so I did my best to shoot it with a 2 mp digital camera. The resolution is not so hot, but it should at least give an idea of the total size of the project. The class assignment was to take an object, draw it and make a series of five finished drawings that enlarge a cropped section of the previous drawing by 50%.
Panzer Dragoon Drawing Project
Enlargement 1
Enlargement 2
Enlargement 3


Great Job! :anjou_happy: I assume you received a good grade.

I would skip doing an accurate subtitle, and just put subtitles that make more story sense, since really nody will care about the specfic story they anted to create for an OVA- really we only care about how it relates to the games.

Like I would call the girl a drone.

I would also do a re-edit and egt rid stuff that doesn’t make sense- of the zombie sequence, etc.

I like Lagi’s idea of creating a fan remix, but it would also be quite nice to have a subtitled version of the “original” too, if only for completeness.

Was your name on Die Welt SkyeWelse as too? I think I may vaguely remember you. Were you creating another Panzer site at the time, or creating content for this site?

Great picture by the way, I wish I could draw that well. You should submit it to TWotA’s art section :slight_smile:

@legaiaflame - Thanks, I did receieve a good grade on it actually. However Orta’s face inparticular and the overall degree of shading is something I wish I could have improved. At the time I was using graphite pencil (which is fairly light and metallic looking) on five sheets of 18" by 24", which gets very tedious afterawhile. A shame that charcoal and graphite don’t mix that well or the shading might have been a bit nicer.

@lagi - If I can figure it out, perhaps I could do a subtitled version that contains the entire anime unedited and one that represents the game a bit better and doesn’t portray Kyle as a complete sissy. : )

Also, the woman was supposed to be a drone? She seemed awfully human to me so I never thought of her in that way. It sort of makes sense in an odd sort of non-canonical way. I mean why else would the dragon want her? Unless she just happens to be a very spiritual person that the dragon thought would make a skilled rider… that just happens to be completely controlled by the dragon’s zombie mind contolling skillz…

@Solo Wing Dragon - I beleive I did go by the name SkyeWelse at Die Welt. Either that or my old aiias Clive Van Houten which I haven’t used in years. Yes, unfortunately my plan to develop a Panzer Dragoon fansite back then fell flat on it’s face due to time constraints. The original plan for the site was to serve as a gallery for displaying another member’s fanart at Die Welt’s forum that I’ve forgottten the handle of, but he used to go by the handle shipmaster666 on AIM. His artwork was absolutely amazing and he was interested in designing an interactive site-fanfiction in the style of choose your own adventure with illiustrations for everything the viewer would choose when progressing the story. Also the site’s other intended purpose was to serve as an archive of Panzer Dragoon related collectibles and merchandise that exists in the world. Unfortuately, I was already running a fairly large Genso Suikoden fansite/community which was also gradually falling apart due to personal time contraints and a loss of interest in keeping up with the series and I had to eventually tear down both projects. Maybe one of these days I can start up a PD site again and actually get past the concept phases… The only thing is I’ve long lost contact with shipmaster666. Last I heard from him he was attempting to land a concept artist position with a gaming company.

As for the PDO project, Thanks! I might consider submitting that to the fanart section sometime then.

Edit: @ Solo Wing Dragon - lol I just noticed, but the forum top banner has a sideview image of Edge. I’m not sure if this will help you remember me at all, but I used to use that image as an avatar on the old Die Welt forums.


I think your name must have been Clive Van Houten, as that name does sound quite familiar. As for the person known as “shipmaster666”, could he have been called He Who Is The Sky on

Yeah I think that might be it. He did Panzer Dragoon concept designs such as the NeoWing and PhoenixWing. I still have most of all the artwork he originally developed for the site before I lost contact with him.