Panzer Dragoon Anime concerns

In the Panzer Drgoon Anime the dragon says his name is Blawo. Also the dark dragon rider is not a droid, it is Kyles girlfriend Anita. What happened to Lagi? Team andromeda obviously didn’t have the story for the series correctly planned out yet.

Eh, this has been discussed many times, there’s very little things that can be considered valid in the PD anime, it’s a very crappy rehash of the PD1 story, nothin more :slight_smile:
I don’t think TA was really that involved in the making of it were they?

Darky’s in it?!

Even though it sucked, I kind of wish it would be released on DVD with Japanese audio.

I couldn’t agree more. With special features. And free in-box goodies.

okay, I’m dreaming. Still, I’m glad a PD movie was made, even though it wasn’t that great

The premise of the thing is that “Darky” steals your lady and you enlist the aid of an armored blue dragon to get her back.
Then again, I’ve never seen it. That’s just from short little descriptions I’ve read.

Man I didn’t even know Darky was in it!I gotta get this asap!!!

XD G*hn! Of course “Darky” is in it. It’s loosely based on PD1.

I kind of wish it would be released on DVD with Japanese audio.<<

The worst thing about it is the bad english voices. Japanese audio w/Subtitles would make a world of difference.

That, and they need to cut out a few key dumb scenes.

Personaly i dont think orta or anyone should be animated at all…it looks weird…

I could imagine an animated series based on the Panzer world.
“Last Exile” was very panzer in some of the designs, for instace.