Panzer Dragoon - A Question Of Fate And The Sins Of Our Fathers

The SSG discusses the Panzer Dragoon lore in a new video. I think @Geoffrey would enjoy this.

There will apparently be another longer video like this from the SSG.


I think the so called “sins of our fathers” is broken with the defeat of Sestren. In Orta it is just a clean up job. Some Towers are still active but they’re not controlling the environment on a massive scale any longer. And by the end of Orta’s story, she actually has the free will to chose her own path on her own terms.

And the remaining monsters have most likely lost their instructions and become docile only acting on instinct rather than direct instructions from Sestren. If the humans can ban together, destroy the remnants of the inactive towers and monsters, then they can retake the world and “actually” live free lives.

But, that brings me to a more serious issue: history repeating itself. As factions of the Empire rebuild and abuse their power time and time again. They continue to integrate the remnants of the ancient technology to a point where they eventually understand it on a rudimentary level, reverse engineer it and ultimately come to a point where they can develop their own. Thus creating a new Ancient Age, and the cycle repeats.

So maybe the “sins of our fathers” can only be broken for a short time in the long run…


He might like an episode of The Outer Limits called Final Appeal where technology is on trial. It is my second favourite episode in the whole series.

As for his central premise, it is possible that the Ancients who created the Towers were not actually human, but believed that it was necessary to enslave humankind, or we could see the past of this setting as similar to Terminator in that it was human beings who disagreed over solutions to the problem of a dying world and created their own demise.

What would enslave people to save an environment? I think the maker of the video might benefit from playing Freespace 1 and 2 (developed and published by Interplay) where the alien villains are similar to the Ancient technology in Panzer Dragoon.

One thing I do know is: the power corrupted people of The Empire was probably one of the main reasons why the Ancients who built the Towers decided to do what they did.

He might like 2001 A Space Odyssey and Dead Space where you see obelisks that bring evil into the world.

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