Panzer Dragoon 3D Models

I frequently use Source Filmmaker, I often make artwork on it, and I would really like to make Panzer Dragoon renders with it (maybe even animate a little [i am a somewhat decent animator {i think}]). The only problem is that there are no such models in the SFM workshop or SFMLab. Nor are there any models I can find externally that I could maybe cheaply port over to SFM myself with a couple of plugins.

Yakuza render I made a couple of days prior to uploading this.

I cannot model (and rigging scares me). I’ve tried, but I have an incredibly long way to go if I have any hopes of making anything half decent enough for a quality render. Let alone making a model for the cursed source engine.

Any download links or advice would be appreciated.

P.S. It does not have to be game-specific, I just want anything I can get my hands on.

there sadly is not a lot of models online, people have discussed trying to rip them out of emulators, but it is not easy :frowning:

It would be tough trying to get the original games models, however, you may be able to rip the remakes models

yeah the remake should be pretty easy as it is Unity

But legally it feels way more shaky

I keep thinking AI might be able to make some models based off concept sketches or something similar, soon

Still think it’s my best bet if anything. It’s a lot of manual labor on my part, but it might work.

This thread on Twitter may interest you. Although I think this is more viewing the models than extracting them:


wow that is so cool, thank you for sharing! Did he ever release a model exporter?

Not that I know of.

just having clean nice screengrabs of models would be great for encyclopedia’s, etc