Panzer Dragon Orta Beta teaser trailer

Hey fellow Panzer Dragoon Fans

I was wondering if anyone else saw this trailer. It was posted on IGN I believe when they had announced the game for the xbox way way back in the days.

The trailer contained very early footages of PD orta.

Trailer Descriptions:

During the trailer you can see a fleet of dragons flying. I assume these were the beta versions of the dragonmares’s. They dont look anything like the dragonmares that is now present in Panzer Dragoon Orta but almost like Atolm but looking like flys almost.
They were dark and mysterious looking just flying. I believe there were 5 of them flying alltogether. And at the end of the trailer you can see maybe humans or drones walking and there was this one little thing that looked like an insect walking along close by a human or a drone.

Music had the Panzer Dragoon feel to it so I’m not sure. I wish I had the video to show you guys cuz that trailer that was posted a while back I saw nothing like it in the present Panzer Dragoon Orta Game.

Anyways let me know if anyone else had seen this trailer. Its quit old but I’m sure some one must have. Because there are a few things I’d like to know.

Such as

who were those humans or drones in the trailer?
What was that little insect thing doing walking around them?
Were those the beta Dragonmares that they were going to use?
How come those Dragons looked almost like atolm?

Anyways there is a lot more that I would like to know but only if anyone else can confirm they’ve seen it too…

Thanks guys


Do you mean this trailer? … ootage.php

It’s known to be a fake, although there are some interesting ideas in it to be sure.

I’m not sure if Lagi(webmaster) can’t tell us anything about it :anjou_happy:

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]Do you mean this trailer? … ootage.php

It’s known to be a fake, although there are some interesting ideas in it to be sure.[/quote]

yhaa thats the trailer I saw a while back. It sure looked real though with the whole panzer dragoon feel to it.

Fake or not it looks really well done.

The art work, presentation, mystery, music was all there in the trailer that gives off the whole Panzer Dragoon affect lol.

Thanks for replying guys

that footage is nearing it’s 10 year anniversary!


that footage is nearing it’s 10 year anniversary![/quote]

omg are you serious? has it been that long???

When are we going to see another Panzer Dragoon game?

I really love that trailer though, when I first saw it, I had a shine of hope for the series and opened up huge expectations for the xbox version. And Orta did not disapiont at all.

But whoever did that trailer up really did capture the beautfy of Panzer Dragoon in my opinion. I wish more would be revealed about the story lol…

I always though that video was very un-Panzerish.

I’ve noticed that in many cases what’s panzerish seems to be defined by a single game in the series for that given person…

what do you think of the video panzerish or un-panzerish?

Both actually… the shrouded walking figure looks like it’d fit in some cyber-punk scenario but it’s also not disimilar from the aesthetic of Zwei’s cinemas with the emperor; the swarming dragon things are outright derivative of the Dark Dragon in some features even though they have a balance very alien to any of the principle dragons we have ever seen; the generally subdued color scheme and contrast is very unlike the realtime style of all the Saturn games but very much like some of the stages in Orta…

It’s certainly distinct from any of the games we know, but the overall sensiblity is panzerish enough. I still maintain every game in the series has had a style very distinct from each other game, visually and aurally. It’s in the full experience that everyone resolves it’s panzerishness with the others, or not in some cases.

yes I agree.