PanDra P&PRPG?

Hiya, I’m going to be lazy here and repost what I did on Gamefaq’s P&P Forum:


while our group is currently running a fairly classic fantasy setting with late middle age tech (AD&D2 ruleset), I’ve been considering DMing again but I’d like to use lore that I’m very familiar with without having to create a whole new system, though. Mostly based on the Panzer Dragoon series from Sega - basically a post-apocalyptic world. So now I’m kinda wondering if there’s any system out there that would lend itself well as a basis for this setting.

Some main features: (edit: I think you here should be familiar :anjou_happy: )

Gameplay-wise the setting would have both very primitive weapons as well as a gameplay-equivalent to D&D’s magical weapons and items:ancient guns, maybe even armor, machines, vehicles, etc. Though maybe not quite with the same diversity as in D&D, at least at first.

If necessary I guess I’ll just start from scratch, but perhaps someone has some suggestions with which system I could start.[/quote]

As a small FYI, I intend to place my campaign’s time after PDZ, but definitely before the end of PDS. I wrote the fanfic Bonds from the latest news, and I’m considering having the players cross over with Lundi’s path after PDZ, as a cameo. Depending on the outcome I might write that into the continuation of that fanfic. (i.e., if the players don’t rob and murder poor Lundi g)

I’m wondering what one could do class-wise. There isn’t much choice concerning adventuring - seekers, hunters…I’m VERY hesitant about bringing in drones. But they would offer a nice sort of “hacker/technician” class. And definitely only one in the group.

I’d be very thankful for some suggestions. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the AD&D ruleset is not so great for combat that is centered on ranged weapons - but it will do.

In the end, the classes in a Panzer campaign would be not so different from the original ruleset, you’d only need some additional skills.

The standard character would be some kind of fighter or thief, since there are no gods granting spells in this universe or wizards forming the energies of the aether. The only spellcasters could be drones, they could influence or dominate creatures created by the Ancients.

Maybe you should switch to GURPS, which is a universal ruleset and take a lot of influence from Steampunk campaigns. If you replace steam engines with ancient technology you have a quite similar use of technology. In the end, it can only do anything.

I didn’t intend to use AD&D, either way. (imagine trying to do dozens of those swarmers from Uru, sheesh)

Thinking it over again, I guess drone’s will be necessary. Think it might be a little too bland, otherwise. Definitely no sorts of battle drones, rather frail, multi-functional drones like Azel. Monster control is certainly a nice idea.

Seekers could be a form a limited hacker and general more skillful use of ancient tech than, say, a common merc hunter. Hunters would be the brute force of the group.

GURPS seemed somewhat simplistic from what I’ve read of it, but I guess it’ll have to do.

Very cool! Are your players familiar with Panzer Dragoon?
I think the world can very much lend itself towards an interesting game.

I won’t lie, I’ve never played a GURPS game. But I’ve skimmed some rulebooks and I think it’s a good choice for this sort of thing.

Sadly, only one of them is vaguely familiar with the games, but that’s it. It’s more for my own personal enjoyment and ease due to the familiarity, but of course I hope it may inspire them to play the games. I’m not sure whether I should even tell them what it’s based on. :stuck_out_tongue: I might show them Saga’s intro as an appetizer and it also has this nice short, summary of the ancient age and the Empire with some dramatic music g

I just thought it’d be interesting to see how adventures could fold out with the common tools available to normal, mortal men. They’re sure as hell not getting any dragons. :stuck_out_tongue: