PanDra gameplay

Similar topics have been done before but after a while people change and so do their ideas.Describe the type of gameplay you would like to see in an hypothetical Panzer Dragoon Quini (5).

I’d like it to be for today what saga was for yesterday :slight_smile:
Yes an RPG ofcourse.
All the other PD Game ideas I’ve written at times in these forums were meant for side story like games rather than what I’d actually expect from the next game in the series.

You are suposed to describe the sort of gameplay you want (like fighting and navigation) Al3x.

aside from the ultimate panzer dragoon experience idea…

well i hope it’s a shooter and if so, i’d like to see:

co-op mode, allowing you and a friend to split up and clear different routes.

an ‘on the fly’ PDS morphing system… remember the attack, defense, spiritual, and agility morphing in the menu? have the right thumbstick control that in realtime. this would allow you to quickly move into attack and fire off some powerful lasers, then as you try to evade an incoming attack you jerk the stick downwards to put you into agility class which just barely let you dodge out of the way. you know when you’re paying in heavywing and you launch off some lasers, then you gotta evade some attack so you switch to glide at just the right second to let the boost in agility fool the projectile? it’d be like that, but still gradient like PDS… so you could put it in the lower-left for a mix between heavy and glide wings… am i making sense or just rambling? perhaps both?

and have kelly and saburouta as secret characters (since they were obviously the inspiration for basewing/glidewing and heavywing respectively) meteor crash = glide attack!

I would want it to be an action RPG with combat kind of like Crimson Skies. You could practice and improve different flying techniques and attacks seperately like loops, immolens, lasers, homing lasers, beserk. Also you would have the choice of being good, evil, or even neutral(always a good thing). Also I hear that Saga was kind of tied to a turn based element, I would want combat to be fully realtime like in Orta.

Well I’d like it pretty much like PDS was + better balanced/challenging battle system + HUGE areas that you are free to fly through rather than the confined and/or empty spaces of the original + Perhaps different skills for the rider and HIS OWN gauges + Cities in the style of Shenmue + need for survival like gameplay (ie your dragon does get tired so you will need to land, hunt for food, find a place to camp and spend the night, not be able to fly through sandstorms / heave thunderstorms so have to actually run through the area until the weather clears etc) + different paths through the game + more freedom on how your dragon evolves (except perhaps for it’s “ultimate” form) rather than always be able to switch around have to level up the base stats all at once but the rest stats separate for each form (Agility, spiritual etc - basically an evolution of the PDS system but each time you switch and use a certain form it matters and impacts your progress and skills you eventually gain) A realtime battle system in the style of PDO boss battles could work (I’ve elaborated a LOT on this in another thread, can’t bother again) but isn’;t necessary though it could allow for set scenes to play like shooter levels without much change so would maybe be good to implement… Kind of like the QTE events of Shenmue that were there to give some action, these set scenes would basically be on rails and maybe be a boss battle or a chase or some other set scene and would play exactly like a shooter PD game. Also perhaps battles wouldn’t be random but rather you’d be able to see enemies on the map and then when you got close enough the game would automatically “lock” on them and be in a battle scene where all your motion revolves around the enemy rather than be free (whether the system was realtime like PDO boss battles or turn based like in PDS) Set battles would appear almost like the random battles of PDS since you wouldn’t see them coming, for example unexpected boss battles with the enemy appearing suddenly and forcing the “lock” on him (or some of them leading to a rail shooter type scene like mentioned earlier)
Ok I suppose that’s about it off the top of my head… That’s what I’d like to see in an RPG, hope it’s coherent enough :slight_smile:

I’d like another RPG, though not any more action based than PDS since my reflexes suck. :slight_smile: But this time I’d like more flying techniques and for them to actually be useful (the barrell roll was pretty nifty but how often did you actually use it?). I wasn’t really fond of in-combat morphing in Saga because it took too much time, so I’d prefer something more like a point-buy system where every time the dragon leveled up you could allocate its stats to your preference and then buy whichever berserk techniques you want (with enough of them that a player can’t expect to get them all without extensive leveling up). That way you can specialize and make your dragon just the way you like it and your ideal dragon won’t necessarily be whatever your friend is flying.

I disagree with the good, netural, and evil idea though, because the Panzer series isn’t as outright obvious about what is good or evil. Where would a character like Craymen fit in for example? Depending on how you view him, he could be good, neutral, or evil. I don’t think the PD universe lends itself to being as neatly parceled into D&D-style alignments as other games do. Having an Imperial path or dragonrider path might be fun, but I don’t like the good/neutral/evil labels.

me personally… plenty. i’d say once every 4 seconds minimum and twice as much when i got the little baby dragon following me :slight_smile:

i could see an RPG being cool if it had truly enormous area to fly through. like near morrowind scale locales. i could just imagine crossing some insanely large desert with no end in site, or the sea of ice to the same proportions.

So… basically Zelda: WW :wink:

Okay, time to reply to my own thread :slight_smile:

1-Panzer Dragoon 5 would be an RPG/Shooter

2-There would be only two modes (dragon riding 3rd person view, walking 3rd person view)

3-The “walking mode” would be basically like when Edge is travelling by foot in PDS but you could draw a weapon (or more than one possibly) and use it to kill some enemies.I could cope with a bit of stealth.Btw the movements would work pretty much like Gun Valkyrie with that torso rotation option (birlliant).The rider could talk with people and run and pick things and pull things and push things and jump and roll (while dashing).He/she could also crouch.

4-The “riding mode” would be a mix of PDS’s dragon navigation mode and Orta’s railon mode.You would fly just like in Saga and you could lock on flight at different velocties so you could use the controls to battle ala PD rail on shooter.You would have a button to cycle thru items and anotehr to cycle thru berserk attacks.A little menu would appears at the bottom to show things.Then by pressing A for example you would use/launch that item/berserk.

5-The world travelling would be pretty much like Saga.

6-You could dragonmorph like in Saga but you would use two buttons (imagine Orta’s morphing but using two buttons so it could acumulate the 5 classes seen in Saga).

I want a party. A small one, but we need to get to know more people from different classes of society.

And I think it needs a journey through the memory cells in Sestrenspace, a perfect opportunity to let the player experience important events in the history of the Panzer world - and not only those from the other games.

Maybe you need someone from GAINAX to write that part - mindfuck is their speciality. :wink: