Pandora's Box was going to be bigger?

I don’t know if anyone’s brought this up before, but while poking through the files from the Panzer Dragoon Orta game disc I noticed there were a few more options for Pandora’s Box than we actually get in the game. They are:

Set gun level.
Set laser level.
Select GLIDE GAUGE settings.
Select Rolling action.
Set the speed of the crosshairs.
Select FAT MODE.
Adjust settings of replays.

And of course the question on everyone’s lips is… what on earth would “FAT MODE” have been?

Well, I know it’s not the most interesting news ever but I thought I’d let you guys know. Unless any of this stuff actually is accesible in the finished game through button codes or something, but I’d expect they would have gone public long ago…

you haxor, you!

this makes me wonder if all the stuff that was cut out of GV is actually still on the disc…

i have a confession… i love big head mode in any game where it is used and wish that all games would have it and if i ever make a game, big head mode will be standard and you will have to put in a code to get regular sized heads! maybe fat mode is similar?

Very probably, although what I can’t imagine is how they’d implement that kind of thing in a PD game. What exactly would become “fat”? The dragon? The rider? The enemies? The whole world? It’d likely be the second weirdest feature to grace a PD game anyway, after Dermot’s Ranch…

Mirror mode is a different matter though, and I’m surprised that Smilebit didn’t implement it in the final game if it did cross their minds at some point. I thought it would have been a good idea to have mirror mode as an extra difficulty level (with normal game saving, high scores, grades etc.), but presumably disc space or development times stopped it from getting into the game at all.

Oh well…

mirror mode would flip the level? so that enemies that normally appear on the right would then appear on the left?

i’ve seen that mode before in some racing game and i believe that is what it basically did. i think i’ve actually heard of fat mode before, can’t remember the game or what it actually did…

this reminded me of something i saw years ago; it was in a magazine article about PDO before PDO came out. they had used a bunch of screenshots to make up the background of the text. i looked very closely at each screen and saw a shot from the flight data in pandora’s box, i could just make out that it said pandora’s box 120% open.

i know that i saw it but i’m not going to say that i think it actually means anything, just an idle comment on a currently intangible topic :slight_smile: i had forgotten about it until now.

Now I want to play in FAT MODE :frowning: