Pandora's Box Orta (spoilers)

Ive got a couple of questions about unlocking Pandora’s Box in Orta. I already know the panzy way of playing for 20 hours, im talking hardcore solutions here.

I presume getting winged death rating will fully unlock Pandora’s Box, is this the case or do I need to get S rating on every level? If winged death is enough, is there any point to getting S rating on every level because doing that is slowing me down considerably(i get hit too much).


As far as I know, getting Winged Death doesn’t unlock anything (when I got Winged Death my Box was already 100% unlocked because I had more than 20 hours of play time). What I DO know unlocks a lot is S ranks in the little side missions. For example, get an S rank in all of Iva’s Episodons to unlock the Dragonmare for play in the box game.

I really couldn’t be arsed with perfecting those side missions.