It’s fucking awesome.

SUPER HIGH production value, relatively small file size (for faster than usual download speed) wonderfully responsive controls, and hilariously original conceptual gameplay.

Take the ONE thing that was fun about Flat Out (flinging the ragdoll driver out your car window) remove the car, up the graphics, and make a game surrounding it.

PS3 continues to grow an exceptionally strong library of original downloadable content.

Check it out.

Potential PAIN buyers beware, the initial download contains a version with a bit of a flaw needing some patching. (Which, I’m sure will be done relatively quickly)

Apparently, the developers are going to release a special “XMAS” set of characters (Santa, and a hot girl named Cookie … how very “Outlaw Golf” of them) … and it looks like the version of the game that shipped (er, went up on the PSN store) has their placeholders preemptively in the character select screen.

Yet…when you attempt to select them, it alerts you that there was a problem with the download for that character and that you should try re-downloading.

Re-downloading PAIN doesn’t help the situation.

It’s nothing that affects gameplay … but you should save yourself the minor headache of re-downloading the software.

Frick that. I’m gonna grab me some Little Big Planet.