Paet Fanart

I wanted to contribute one of my fanarts of Paet that I had done a while ago. Being one of my most favorite characters in the series, I wanted to draw him so badly, so when I finally had time, I went ahead and did it! It is just a line art for right now until I decide to color it. This was done on cardstock with Sharpie pens. I have done other fanarts, but due to my move, they’re out of reach for right now. I hope to upload more fanarts in the future. Hope you guys like it!


Nice drawing. There aren’t too many pieces of Paet fan art, so this will be a welcome addition. Do you want to wait until you’ve coloured it before we add it to Panzer Dragoon Legacy’s fan art gallery?


Paet is underappreciated. With his knowledge of ancient machinery and his swag, he should be top dog in the world of PanDra. I still don’t know the original japanese dialogue for that line where he says “I bet he shat a brick”. We need a a way to play PDS with a true-to-form translation of the japanese text. Enemy names included. All of it.

Nice artwork! Keep’em coming if you have more. Don’t hold out on us :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll draw something myself.


do you have a twitter ? I might share this on Panzer Dragoon World


Hi! I don’t have a twitter, but I give you permission to share it there! :smiley:

Thank you so much! Unfortunately with still needing to unpack, I don’t have my materials to color him right now, so you can go ahead and post him the way he is now. When I get the chance to color him, I’ll post it along with my other fanarts!:smiley:

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I feel the same! He’s so spunky and full of personality! LOL! That line took me out when I first saw that! :joy: I’m waiting on that full translation too, trust me! When it comes I’ll be ready!

Thank you so much! When I get the chance I’ll post some more fanarts! You should draw some stuff, I’d wanna see them all. I look forward to it! :smile:

Great stuff, I love that you used physical media. I’m a die hard for good old pen and paper art.

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Thank you so much! It’s the medium I’m most comfortable with!

This is now on the site. Let us know if you ever make a colour version.

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