Outlaw Tennis

The final outing from the development team Hypnotix (they were bought by EA earlier this year and absorbed into EA’s general development studios in Florida) is a decent one.

Thanks in part to publisher Global Star’s $19.99 price point.

I’m going to be sad to see the Outlaw series go away…as, I’m not really a fan of traditional sports games, but really enjoyed the amount of mini-game and game-variants in the Outlaw series’.

O.T. feels and plays lot like outlaw volleyball, or, even better, like Virtua Tennis. Steven Colbert (of The Daily Show) is effing hysterical as the commentator (though I miss Dave Attel from Outlaw Golf 2) but, to hear all his commentary, you have to play through all the different game types (baseball, pinball, doubles etc.)

The learning curve isn’t too hard…after about a day of play (and leveling up you characters), you’ll be able to make it through the world tour modes, or play online with little to no problem.

Bottom line is, it’s a good, fun, funny tennis game, that doesn’t cost much, has full online play, and it’s most likely your last chance to play an Outlaw Franchise game.


Ok you got my attention. what platform? :anjou_wow: