Out Run II Bonus Tracks (X-Box)

Well I would have been happy with a normal port. But now…

Bonus Track 1 - Daytona USA 2
Stage 1: Intermediate stage (Fun park)
Stage 2: Expert stage (City)
Stage 3: Beginner stage (Speeway Oval)

Bonus Track 2 - SCUD Race
Stage 1: Beginner stage Day (Bayside)
Stage 2: Beginner stage Night (Airport)
Stage 3: Intermediate stage (Asian culture - mountains, statues and
the like)
Stage 4: Expert stage (European culture - castles and lakes)

Obviously, the courses run into one another with checkpoints dividing them, rather than being separate.

This is going to rule on LIVE

Interesting. Sega fans have been demanding that Sega convert Daytona 2 and Scud Race/Super GT to a home console for years (in fact, those two racing games belonged on the Dreamcast). These bonus tracks would therefore be heaven-sent.