Out Run Coasts to XBox, PSP, PS2

From CVG.

Sega announces OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast on Xbox, alongside PC, PS2 and PSP versions. Plus: PSP shots inside!
It’s already been announced for PSP, PS2 and PC, but now Sega has officially unveiled the Xbox version of its latest Outrun, um, outing - OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast.
Coast to Coast features 15 new American-themed environments from the OutRun2 SP arcade game, it says here, and includes a new mission structure, licence mode and online play for head-to-head racing for up to six players. There’s also a total of 15 fully-licensed Ferraris to drive around in with your hair blowing in the wind and your bum hanging out the window. Hopefully, the game will also have tons of waily guitar music too, because we really like that.

If, like us, you’re currently so excited that you’re scared to stand up in public in case anyone notices, you can check out the brand new PSP screens from the game which we’ve plastered around the page like an explosion of digital vomit.
All versions of the game are due to land on European shelves in March this year.

Bloody ace new, can;t wait to play this stunner onthe old X-Box. Thank you so much SEGA Europe

Must say Sumo are doing wonders onthe PSP port too. Hell I can play Out Run II onthe bog :slight_smile:

I wonder if we’ll see any significant differences between each version. The PS2 has held games back for far too long now.

I know what you mean. I hadn’t realise that a lot of multiplatform games were made with the PS2 in mind but after reading your HEADHUNTER:REDEMPTION review i noticed that it was ps2 graphix on a Xbox machine.

Sumo Digital did an excellent job on OUTRUN 2 that it would be a shame if the sequel will suffer graphics wise if they made it for the PS2 specifically which seems to be the case. But i have faith in Sumo Digital to do a decent version for Xbox.

Tell me about it, But this isn’t the case this time.
For one thing the game was bulit around Chihiro/X-Box hardware(no PS2 hold backs) and Sumo have said each platfrom as will have seprate Art used ect (nothing will be Shared ) so expect the X-Box and PC versions to look the best.
Also people are in for a bit of shock at to how good the PS2 version looks, sure is no X-Box port, but it looks a hell of a lot better than most people could have hoped for.

With luck this will mean great sales for SEGA, and the way they’ll work inthe future (multi platfrom ports of VF 5 ect).

BTW, Must say … Thank you again SEGA Europe for giving this game another chance :). I’m so thankfull

While many multi-platform games have been held back by the limitation of the PS2, its still pretty impressive what some games have accomplished such as Shadow of Colossus and Tekken 5, granted they aren’t multi-platform. But its good to see that SEGA is tackling each platform individually, since they should be able to make even the PS2 hardware capable of such a game. However, PS2 is definitely way past its prime.

wicked! Its on PC! its good to see some good games on PC coming out =)