OT - MANHUNT Video game blamed for Murder

Off topic, but the link does contain the actual article pictures…


At the end of the day, this game wasn’t responsible for killing a human being. The blame lies with the person who commited the murder.

I do admit that Manhunt is quite a graphic game, but I cannot see any reason to put the blame on it particulary.
As it was said, these games are rated, but there is not much enforcement in terms of purchasing it, well compared to the purchases of items like liquor and Tabacco.


Apparantly Manhunt has been banned over here. $10,000 fine if you’re caught with the game, and another $10,000 if you show it to a ‘minor’… or so I have been told.

Played Manhunt recently. I really don’t get everyones problem. i have seen articles that say

You don’t even get “points” in the game! Not to mention that i’ve never seen a hammer in the game. yes there is a knife, but so what? is every murder done with a knife going to shove the blame on the last game the murderer played with that weapon in it?

Holy hell, that’s absurd :open_mouth:

We must wipe all traces of this game from the face of existence for the sake of us all!

Yes, Manhunt is exceendingly violent even by violent video game standards. That’s what ratings are for.

On a similarly related note, fuck Senator Joe Lieberman

On a completely unrelated note, the new Alien Versus Predator movie is going to be rated PG.

And I was hoping to see some hapless humans ripped and torn to pieces…

Btw, who is Senator Joe Lieberman? :slight_smile:

Yep it is a PG-13.

you can tell it will be s***

… But X-Box is being blamed for six deaths… Well some idiot apparently killed six people over an X-Box or somethin XD.

Haha it might have been with an Xbox. You know, it could have fallen off a shelf or something XD

Incidently, the police force at the head of the investigation into this crime has notified the media of two things:

  1. The motive for the murder was monetary robbery, not because he had voices in his head or something.

  2. The accused does not own a copy of Manhunt. The victim does.