Orta's dragon size

This is bound to have been discussed before, but I’m sure everyone’s noticed how Orta’s dragon’s size changes dramatically between the prerendered cutscenes, gameplay, and ingame cutscenes (the gameplay and ingame cutscene might have the same size, not entirely sure). In one scene, the dragon’s head with the horn is longer than Orta’s entire body, and the other, it shrinks to like a third of it’s size (or maybe Orta grows to be 3 times as big? Who knows, she’s not entirely human after all.)

It’s probably the CG department working independently and not worrying too much about it, but it’s fun to imagine a logical reason for this happening, :wink:

The FMV sequences were outsourced (I can’t find the interview where this is mentioned right now), so your theory makes sense.

There are sections like this in Saga as well. For example when the dragon enters Shelcoof, the ship grows in size.