Orta theme for Gnome

Someone has made an Orta theme for Linux. It looks quite nice, although not in a “specifically Panzer” way.


Nice find, can’t wait to try it on my Ubuntu laptop

Let me know how it turns out. Is it more Panzerish than in the picture?

I’ve made a couple of changes; I changed my background to put more emphasis on the theme (wish it came with one), and I changed the icon set to F-Dark-Black. There were several Emerald themes, so you can pick which one you like the best. I wish I could attach an image from my hard drive, but looks like I can’t :frowning:

You could always ask the designer if your changes can be added to the main version.

Image attachments: the best way to post a picture on these forums is to upload it to a service such as Twitpic and post a link.

Here’s my desktop:

When I installed and changed the theme, it was complaining that the theme wouldn’t appear as intended unless I installed the Faenza-Dark icon theme. After I installed it, I felt that some darker icons would fit better.

I don’t see what’s Panzerish about it outside the Azel picture in the settings screen, what am I missing?

The colours, mainly. Compare it to the colours in the background of this wallpaper: thewilloftheancients.com/wal … 24x768.jpg