Orta region and language settings

Hi guys, I have a modded NTSC/J (Asian) Xbox (no idea what chip) with an Evo-X dashboard.

I want to buy Panzer Dragoon Orta, but they only have the Japanese version available. As far as I know (read from these boards), this game will play on any system - if you have a Jap/Asian Xbox, the language will be Japanese, and if you have a NTSC/U Xbox, the language will be in English.

I would like to know if it is possible to change the game region to NTSC/U (and hence have English subtitles) via the Evo-X dashboard.

There is such an option in the mod-chip system settings, giving a choice of:
North American NTSC
Japanese NTSC
Rest of the world PAL

Any comments on this before I buy Panzer? Thanks!

By the way, Saga is the best RPG ever!

ps: If mod-chip discussions are a nono in this board just let me know and I’ll remove this immediately.

Advise : Don’t expect a shooter version of Saga.

Welcome btw :slight_smile:

Hmm, usually if you play Panzer Dragoon Orta on a Japanese Xbox the text will appear in Japanese regardless of the version of the game (NTSC-J/NTSC/PAL).

However, you might be able to change the region of the Xbox in the settings of the mod chip itself. I haven’t been involved enough with modded Xboxes to be able to confirm this. All I know is that the Japanese version of PDO runs with English subtitles on a modded PAL Xbox.

Oh yeah, and welcome to forums. :anjou_happy:

Hey guys, thanks for the advice and welcome!

Anyhow, Orta just arrived in the mail today, and I can play it in english! Oh joy joy! It’s friggin fantastically beautiful!

Let me do some more experimenting with the mod chip and I’ll update you guys.

Edit: Yup, I’m able to change from Japanese to English using the mod chip at will. That’s such a relief!