Orta pic

Hi guys - never acctually posted on here before (I dont think!) but I’ve been reading the messages for a while (including on the old boards). Anyway - I happened to draw an anime picture of Orta today and thought you might like to have a look (my first anime picture BTW)


PS: Its not finished yet either - there are a few things I want to improve.

Hey butleri that pic looks very good!You should keep coming up with PD artwork to.

Oh, and welcome to the TWoTA froums :D!!

VERY cool drawing, welcome to the board!!
Show us more ^_^!!!

Ive seen deformed midget prostitutes with no finges do better than that, lol Just kidding, very nice. Welcome!!!

Very nice :slight_smile:

Hiya and welcome!
Good start! now finish it!
We could always use some more PD artwork. =)

I like it, I like it. And also, Welcome!

Thanks everyone! Heres an updated version (mainly I have imporved the hair)

Hey great image. I wish I had an artistic “know how”. I’m almost numb to art.

Nice job, good idea with the background :slight_smile:

so youve managed to turn crap into turd. lol just kidding i love it!!

I just think you have to change that mouth a bit…

nice stuff… i couldnt draw a stick figure if i wanted to! :wink: