Orta not immediately compatable with the 360, maybe never :(


those are the list of xbox games that will be backwards compatable at first. The catch is that you have to have your 360 connected to the internet first so it may download the emulator (obviously Halo and Halo 2 support is already built in). I was sad when I saw that PDO wasn’t included. I’m not sure if the 360 will ever be supported because it’s sales weren’t exactly tremendous. I’m still keeping my copy though, and never letting it go ><.


Ah crap, this probably belongs in The Seekers’ Stronghold section

Unless MS just renegs on their intent to keep plugging away at it I feel sure we’ll see Orta fixed up. I gather the only reason so many crap games are on the initial list is cause their engines are very standard or very similar to other better games.

And aside from the fact none of them were impressive sellers, I’d be willing to bet Smilebit’s games are ‘hitting the metal’ more than most XBOX games, which could complicate things and push them further down the list in priority.

I would be very sad if PDO didn’t make the list eventually.My XBox has hd a few problems as of late.It only runs a few games Orta not included!

As they add more and more features to the emulator, more games will probably become compatible. Orta did use quite a few nifty effects, so I’m not surprised (but still disapointed) that it’s not included in the first batch of games. The Splinter Cell series and Doom 3 are other games that are far more popular but not emulated yet, likely because they have some very specific coding in them. I’m hoping that adding support for these other games will allow ones like Orta to work, not to mention Phantom Dust, Breakdown, and Steel Battalion (although that last one is a long shot, since it would need a controller adaptor as well).

Also, I believe I heard that you’d be able to download emulator updates and tranfer them to the Xbox 360 via CD-R, so you wouldn’t NEED it to be hooked up to the internet. But since Live Silver is free anyway, it wouldn’t cost anything to download the updates, either.

Actually, that’s almost correct. You can register via the website to get the emulator disc sent to you, but you’d have to pay for shipping and handling in that case.