Orta Commission I paid for

The Artist:https://pariahexilewrath.deviantart.com/


Happy new year.

You + all/any enquirers/fans (not the fans in excavation site #4, of course, the ones that you have to switch off but maybe allow monsters to enter through too).

Here is a triple doodle I did:
Azel with a haircut (or is it?)
Azel waiting for the player to make a move while in the desert - in panzer dragoon four:revenge of jafar. (… or is it?)
Azel Alternative face design (aka 15th1/2 birthday face) … or… is it?

… and I drew a rabbit.
Can you spot them all?

There seems to be a lack of rabbits in the series… or, are those hoppers in the garil desert and snowy episode of orta mutated rabbits? Now that’s a theory. Just Joking.

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Direct Deviantart link: https://pariahexilewrath.deviantart.com/art/Orta-commission-724451872

I’ll add this to the site in a future update.

Added to the site.