Original Sonic the Hedgehog remastered version coming

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And Sonic 2, apparently. I hope they release this on consoles and PC as well, as I have no interest in playing any of the Megadrive Sonic games with anything other than a traditional control pad.

If they release Sonic 3 & Knuckles in widescreen I will be very happy.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles would seem like a no brainer to me, it’s generally everyone’s favourite.

I’m not too keen on the controls without a control pad either. I did get the previous iOS versions when they did the proceeds go to charity thing, so it’s nice that I’ll get the remastered versions for free.

Seems weird though. I can’t imagine the improvements they’ll make (widescreen, 60 fps etc) will make that much noticeable difference surely? Guess they’re trying to rejuvenate original Sonic game sales.

That’s cool that they’re giving existing customers the update for free. I wonder if the same will happen if the remastered versions are released on consoles and PC.

A widescreen mode will help make the games feel more cinematic.

One problem with the Xbox 360 version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the lack of Tails being playable with the second controller (it works fine when Sonic 3 is played on its own, but you can’t play through the full two games together with a friend playing as Tails). So they should fix that for the remastered version. They could add Tails and Knuckles to Sonic 1 (similar to how they added Tails to Sonic CD), as well as an option to enable Spin Dash (this was a feature in Sonic Jam). For Sonic 3 & Knuckles they could add some harder achievements too, such as an achievement for getting Perfect on every special stage, and add the achievements to the PC version. The achievements featured in the 360 version were far too easy. Leaderboards for each stage would be welcome too.

I’ve played these games more times than I’ve had hot dinners… what benefit is there to re-releasing them yet again?

I don’t think there’s any harm in Sega releasing a real remake instead of just the old games running on an emulator. It should also makethem easier to port and enhance later on.

Well, even when today the emu’s can run the Mega Drive games perfectly, it’d be good to have this version. BUT, they need to be VERY careful on that.

If you mean what benefit is there to you personally, perhaps there is none. But, if in a few years you decide to do another playthrough of Sonic games, why not play through enhanced widescreen versions? Especially if the updates are free. Sonic CD looks great in widescreen mode, the other games from that era should too.

By the way, optional Spin Dash has been confirmed, and a Sega executive confirmed that they’re planning on remastering other Megadrive games.

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Bring on remastered versions of the Shining Force games.

Oh yeah!! That is an excellent choice, Solo!

It?s worth noting that these ports are being done not only by Christian ?The Taxman? Whitehead, who did the recent port of Sonic CD, but also by another famous and long-time Sonic hacker, alias Stealth, known for founding Sonic Megamix, programming the engine E02, and various other things. In other words, these are two guys who really know what they?re doing! Quality of the ports is guaranteed, and if Sega will allow any enhanced features, these developers know how to implement them. They?ll be interesting, in any case.

I might be interested if released on the Vita. But whilst I was a Sonic fanatic as a child, honestly, I don’t find most of the old games very fun to play anymore. Sonic CD is the only one I’ll still play from time to time.

I still can’t get past the poor control options offered on most of these portable devices. I picked up Sonic CD and the Shining Force games for the Ipod Touch, but actually playing them on these devices is so piss poor. My fingers are too large for the given on screen controls and those controls are not very accurate anyway. I wish that someone would release a high quality android or and ipod made specifically for gamers. Personally I would get a lot more use out of that and would be more likely to purchase more of these ports that way. Otherwise I have that Sega Gold collection for PC that has all the games I loved from the Genesis and I paid 10 dollars for the 40 or so games that way.

Actually, there is a controller by Samsung (which looks suspiciously like the 360 controller) for the Galaxy S4, and Apple are rumoured to be working a controller as well, although it will probably be for Apple TV rather than iPhone/iPad. Android might be a good platform for preserving all these old games in the long run, especially if they work directly on consoles like Ouya, although I’m not sure how compatible all these different Android devices actually are.

Androidpolice released a new video of the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9It-734ZgNA. The widescreen looks nice, and the controls about as good as you can expect on a touch screen.

I’m just not seeing the appeal :confused: One thing I liked about non-widescreen games on my phone is that the controls didn’t cover much of the screen…

I guess I still want something a little more portable. That is why I haven’t purchased a DS. I just want a single touchscreen device with analog and buttons built in a small form factor that is affordable. No gimmicks, small size, and decent price. Once I finish my EE degree, maybe I will just make one myself and launch a kickstarter.;p

Would you make it an add-on for phones or a completely separate device?

I don’t see the appeal either, unless they bring it to consoles and/or PC. I’m not big on touch screen gaming.

I know NOTHING about phones, so apologies if this is a really stupid thing to suggest, but the Sony Xperia?

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Preferably a completely separate device as I don’t want to have to deal with contracts or cell service. The device would basically be a reduced profile Vita without the silly back touch-panel. No cell functionality(I want a purely gaming device). I would make it a slightly smaller device with a similar button profile, and hopefully better accuracy from the controls. I would have a slightly smaller screen to make it easier to shrink the device and carry with you. It would be fully Android compatible along with being Open GL/CL capable so you could write games directly for it also. This is all hypothetical though. Finding the time and resources to do something like this would be difficult.

There is a petition for a remastered, widescreen version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles:


The site includes a video of the prototype that Taxman & Stealth made. It includes additions to the original games, such as enhanced special stages. Hopefully the project will get the go-ahead from Sega. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is definitely my favourite title in the series.