Ordained Insight - A Halo 3 Beta journal

So for a short while I’ve been working on a site. Ever since I got into the Halo 3 beta I’ve wanted to share it with as many people as possible, so I’ve put together a journal to detail my experiences in it. Kindly hosted by Sir Solo Wing of the Round Table, I present for your enjoyment: Ordained Insight.

Obviously entries will be thin on the ground to start, but once it picks up it’ll be better. Let me know what you think.

Awesome site! Hopefully i’ll get into the beta as well with the whole Crackdown pre-order thing. I’ll be adding you to my Xbox Live friends list as well if that’s o.k. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

Anyone else get into the beta? It started today for me (tired, I’ll update my site with more info tomorrow).

Nice update, Shadow. Quick question, where you’re written:

“You can now set your “Armour Detail” colour, which seems to be the same regardless of what multiplayer gametype you’re playing. So if you’re on red team, it’ll still show up as bright pink. Still no black though.”

How can you tell which players are your team? Is there some kind of symbol that covers about the players head?

It’s a great idea that you can share match videos. I’m curious as to what these other game files that can be shared will be used for.

Instead of an icon above your team mate’s heads like in Halo 2, you have their call sign. So you can just yell out “R13, there’s a guy coming up behind you” instead of trying to describe their emblem. I like it, I’ve been called “hawk guy” far too many times =P

All my beta impressions are now up on the site. It’s a bit lengthy, but let me know what you think.