Opinions on Panzer Dragoon for PS2

Just picked this game up and, I must say, I’m a little disappointed. To cut a long story short, the frame rate seems a little on the low side, and I still have problems targeting fairly often. When compared to games later in there series, I notice you have to be very specific when targeting in the original Saturn game, and I was hoping the arrange mode would sort this out, but it doesn’t. Too many times I swear I’ve swiped over the enemy but denied.

The extras are your usual stuff - artwork, and level select, etc. I guess it’s nice in a way, but I was somehow wanting maybe just one thing that really makes me think ‘oh’. There’s a recorded 100% playthrough, but I’ll be damned if I’d watch that from start to finish. I don’t think you could change chapters. There’s supposed to be commentary from the original creator too, but I don’t know Japanese to make use of it.

It’s nice Sega decided to give the franchise a tad more exposure, but I realise this game isn’t worth going out of your way to own unless a collector.

Yeah, it’s nothing special. I’d like to see an HD re-release of Panzer Dragoon one day, much like the NiGHTS re-release, but with enhanced controls.

Hi, I’ve found the forum from the panzerdragoonrevival project, and asked myself, wich kind of ‘enhanced controls’ can we wish for an HD remake, the original controls were ok to me, am I wrong ?

This probably is not what Solo meant, but it might be worth mentioning anyway. The remake of NiGHTS was originally released with shoddily implemented controls, which only supported eight directions, and even the update that was released seemed to have been limited to 24 or thereabouts. In contrast, I believe the actual analogue controller for the Saturn was of considerably higher resolution. So, proper analogue control would be a must for any other remake, IMO.

Ha, I see what you meant, when I played the HD remake of Nights the control seemed to be bound to 8 directions (or so) only. At the moment, I thought playing with a keyboard was the problem,
So yeah, I totally see what you’re meaning by “enhanced controls” now.

I meant controls closer to Panzer Dragoon Zwei than the original Panzer Dragoon.

[quote=“Solo Wing”]

I meant controls closer to Panzer Dragoon Zwei than the original Panzer Dragoon.[/quote]

Indeed, the controls for Orta prett much nailed it IMO. But it’s mainly the 3D target, which makes it confusing as to when you’re properly aiming at the enemy.