Arcie's purchase habits

Very simple choice.

Donkey Konga


Mega Man Anniversairy collection

Definately the second.

I haven’t played either of them, so I can’t be of much help.

Neither. You want to save for an Xbox, m’boy.

Mega Man! It’s one of the few Gamecube game I have and was one of the main reasons I got one, I love it.

Defo on Mega Man!

Get Donkey Konga, its way more fun than mega man in my opinion. Beat those bongos to the beat!!!

I’ve only played a little bit of Donkey Konga in a store but IMO if you’re going to be playing a music-based game, you’re better off with Space Channel 5 or Dance Dance Revolution.

I’d say it depends which of the games on Mega Man Anniversary Collection you already have, Arcie. I’m not so bothered about buying it myself because I still own the first four games from back in the NES days, and from what I’ve heard the last four games - which might tempt me to pick up the compilation - aren’t really as good.

I eventually bought Mega Man. Mega Man V and VI are closer to resembling fan-made mods of Mega Man I-IV, to be honest, but VII and VIII are pretty awesome games, very enjoyable.