Omg wtf neo geo vc

And here I was expecting another batch of lame releases on the VC …

… but instead I log into the Wii Store only to find that Neo-Geo has officially been added to the list of emulated software on the Wii’s VC!!!

While I think World Heroes 1 and 2 were both solid Street Fighter II era clone/fighting games, and it’s great to see the first World Heroes on the VC for day one of Neo-Geo software … it’s also kind of lame to see Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury … AGAIN.

I get why they’re there … SNK PLAYMORE obviously did recent new conversions of all the games in those series for “anthologies” on PS2, and in the case of Fatal Fury for the XBLA …

… but if the Wii was going to give us 3 games to start, why not something different … why not World Heroes / Samurai Showdown / and … Magician Lord or Ninja Commando or something REALLY different.

I’m sure we’ll get huge Neo-Geo love on the VC in months to come … I’m just looking forward to Neo-Geo games OTHER than the ones we’ve seen on compilations and ports on the PS1/PS2/XBOX/etc. like Metal Slug, King of Fighters, etc.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy a bit of World Heroes.

Last Blade?