OMFG! Girigiri experts apply pLEASe!

Hey everyone…how do I use the GiriGiri program on this site? I want to play PDS (i have it on Saturn). I click on the glaunch, but when I click on the hacker icon, i get an error message. If I try gsaturn, nothing happens. Please help me!

Thanks for the help =)

I use the Giri Giri Loader.

It’s a lot easier to use and runs the games straight off the disc, thus eliminating the need to create memory-hungry ISO images.

Ok, well, I decided to try my hand at making isos (my first time,gulp) and Panzer Dragoon works fantastic, as House of the dead and Daytona…but, PDS, i only tried making disk1 and it completely crashes after the Team A right before the “trailer/clip movie”

OmG!WtF!!! NOOOOOoooooooooo!!! lol. Worse is all my files were on cd4, so I have no choice but to start a new game(which I can’t :((( )

Sorry to bump, but OY this is annoying. Why is it that PDS is the only game that wont work? Or at least can someone tell me how to run Giri with a saturn cd? Maybe the iso is corrupt.

Thanks again

I think I had this problem a while back, but I never solved it. Sorry. :\

An advice: Just ignore this post except for clicking the link in it’s end

A request: Please let’s not fill the on topic board with giri giri Q and As, I know it’s panzer related since everyone tries to run those games on it, I was just hoping our “on topic” discussion will really be about panzer and not what you can play it with…same way I don’t think it would be fitting to talk about Sega Saturn here…it might just be me but heck it’s a public forum and so I’ll say my opinion on this :slight_smile:

On topic: I’ve posted this before but here you go again, I don’t think anythin else can help you more than this site about Giri Giri therefor if it doesn’t work after doing all the site mentions then I don’t think anyone here will be able to help you either. To follow their instructions I advice you to download the Giri Giri version the site itself provides rather than a version you got elsewhere. I think when you first start it the bios is set to japanese but you can just change the language yourself and it saves it. The bios itself does not appear to be of the Japanese Saturn as the Logo is the US/Pal one rather than the different Jap one. Just the settings of it seem to be set in Jap language, or it might even depend on what region you chose at the start, I don’t really know since I don’t have any games I can bother playing to test with it.
And after that useless chunk of text here is what you really want (ie the site I’ve been talking about at the start of this paragraph. I also know I didn’t really need to explain this but whatever…it’s Christmas! Or not…Who cares! I like parenthesis! Have fun messin around with Panzer):

PS: Yes, I have grown insane this is why I haven’t been posting much lately (to the delight of most of you I’m sure :wink: