Old genres CAN be revived

proof : kickstarter.com/projects/667 … -adventure

its an awesome concept, and it really tickles the ego right if you scroll down and see how its financial backup works ^^

Adventures never truly died in order for this to be considered a revival. Maybe few in the last decade stack up to the classics but then again, this might not either. That they’re funded by fans doesn’t mean they also won’t try to make something very mainstream that can generate actual profit for them in the end so, we’ll see how it goes.

It’s certainly a great concept (that has been going for quite some time), but it’s not suitable for every situation. Not everyone is Tim Schafer. Something to consider for some certainly, but there are other options too depending on the specifics.

If the Wasteland sequel works out it might be a candidate for an actual revival though, very few games like that are made these days. The last big one that’s roughly similar would maybe be Dragon Age: Origins. Other than that there are less than a handful of indie companies like Spiderweb Software now that even Radon Labs has closed down…

However, I think any decent sum should receive actual investor status and thus dibs on a share of the returns, that would make more than just fans chip in, and maybe increase the amounts. There are people who gave away 50-100k, I don’t see why they couldn’t also have made this a business decision alongside the desire to see the project done.