Oi! You Amateur musicians!

I’m outraged. Not really, just kinda down about it. Overclocked Remix has ONE Panzer remix. ONE. That’s pathetic! The Panzer series, as we all know, has fantastic music, so it deserves many awesome remixes.


Go forth, get ideas and play that funky music, white/black/hispanic boy/girl/Gehn.

while it’s not really a remix, i was going for a sea of ice 1 feel while making one of my hip hop beats. it’s actually the song that the lyrics in my sig apply to. but i doubt anyone is interested :frowning:

the best remix on that site is the broken machine remix for ecco the dolphin.

Now you know I hate to be pedantic, but there are definitely two remixes there: :anjou_happy:


The remix of the PD1 main theme is pretty nice; I hadn’t heard that one before.

I haven’t played Ecco in what feels like centuries, but that brings back memories…

There’s also a remix of the Holy District theme floating around somewhere, if only I could remember where it came from…