Official Panzer Dragoon Remake

The official first trailer for Panzer Dragoon remake has been revealed during Nintendo’s E3 2019 conference. What a time.
Here you can find the official Twitter page and the official webpage for the game.
Here is the official Discord server for the developer Forever Entertainment

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Was this known/expected? Out of the blue for me! Wow! Excited~

Yes, it was kind of know around here that Sega was officially working on a remake. However, nothing else was really out there about the game.

The hype is real.

Sooo, only available on Switch? Thats a bit of a problem.

Regarding the trailer, it doesn’t look generic at least. It has it’s own art direction. So, at least some care is being put into it, even if they don’t completely land the Moebius artwork look…

I’ve searched around online some type of answer to that question and it seems like the answer for now is yes, only for the Switch. If you go the the developer studio website you’ll see that all they say is “Panzer Dragoon Remake for the Nintendo Switch” along with their YouTube channel containing videos of on only Switch titles.

Here’s to hoping that it comes out on other devices.

They changed the roar :frowning:
I am so used to the screeching tire…

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On the official site it does say the sounds and music are subject to change so I am hoping they keep it more authentic. It almost sounded like they ripped off the T-Rex roar from Jurassic Park.

@UrbanReflex For what it’s worth, many of the other Forever Entertainment games were released on Steam too.

I wonder if the remake will come out on PC as well? Or is it just Switch exclusive?

Given their track record, it’s likely we’ll see a PC release too (unless Nintendo have paid for exclusivity).

There’s been a lot of positive feedback about the remake, but I’m quite concerned about it to be honest. The colours are way off from the original Saturn games; I can understand some creative differences, but it’s far, far too bright in a very intentional way.

Yes, the current color scheme comes off as fluorescent and less of a dirt color than in the original games

If you have feedback about the footage shown so far you can share it with the developer on their Discord channel.

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Thanks. I just got on an it’s so great to see all of this interaction.

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Notice in the copy on the official remake website that the Dark Dragon is only referred to as the Prototype Dragon? That’s closer to the original Japanese version I believe. Perhaps they are re-translating the game and “Dark Dragon” won’t be mentioned by that name.


It looks more like day of the Triffids than Panzer Dragoon. The lovely Italian Gothic-like architecture in Panzer, replaced with Unity awfulness, even the Saturn’s baked in reflections of Saturn original, all gone.


If it just looked like the original but upscaled it might come off as dull and uninspired. Which is why they have to choose some kind of art direction. I would have personally chosen the Moebius comic look, but that’s just me.

I also agree, things seem a bit too bright and shinny though…

I’m excited to play it regardless. If I want to go back and play the original, it’ll always be there for me. But a new, prettier (at least in terms of fidelity), higher res and fps version is definitely appealing.

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Yes, I am looking forward to playing the remake also. There’s a lot to like about the trailer as well.

I know I can go back and play the original even if it doesn’t turn out to be great. What I’m concerned about is that Panzer Dragoon may come to be remembered as something which doesn’t capture the essence of Panzer Dragoon, and the original games become forgotten because they weren’t widely known to begin with. Compare the situation to, say, the upcoming Lion King remake. Everyone has seen the original Lion King and it’s part of popular culture, so there’s little chance of the remake replacing it.

I’ve been telling everyone for years: this is what happens to a game series when you lose the original developers. Something is always lost. Whether it be: the look, the feel, the gameplay and most importantly, the art direction! It was bound to happen.

With no one in this new development team connected to Team Andromeda, they are going to empart their own vision on “what they think” the game should look like. So either you like it, except it for what it is, or you end up not being able to live with that change.