Note from Lagi Webmaster (Art of Panzer Dragoon)

Hey- this is the original Lagi Webmaster (Art of Panzer Dragoon) from way back. I realized this year would have been 20th Anniversary of the Art of Panzer Dragoon website as it was launched in 1997

I was digging around some old files and I found these. I might have more as well- some of these are media renders Sega handed out on a disc (that I didn’t deem as concept art at the time), some of them might be higher res or different than others one that exist, not sure all what is been excavated these days , maybe they are already somewhere

Hopefully something is useful in here! Happy panzer fans are still keeping the torches lit


Good to hear from you, Lagi.

Thanks for the contribution. I think we have some of those images on the site already, but some of them look new. So we’ll have to do a sort out at some point.

I remember you made some 3D models for a Panzer Dragoon fan game. If you still have screenshots of those, it might be worth sharing them on Panzer Dragoon Legacy too.

Thank you Lagi. :slight_smile: I think there’s a couple that I hadn’t seen before.