Nostalgia for Nintendo DS (The closest thing to Skies of Arcadia you'll ever play!)

Just played Nostalgia for the DS. This game is the closest thing to Skies of Arcadia you’ll ever play. It’s almost a clone. It has similar party members, similar airship battles and airship exploration, and Discoveries you find throughout the world map. It’s original enough though to stand on it’s own. As it takes place in the real world with you exploring mythical real world locations, like the Pyramids, Atlantis, Mu, the Golden City etc.

It’s a turn based rpg too by the same people that made the FF4 remake, FF Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate/Echoes of Time, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales and Avalon Code. So the enemy, boss and world design are really creative and maxed out for the DS! The story isn’t going to win any awards but the setting is unique enough. And the characters at least have their fun little quirks.

And here is a review:

Definitely looks like a spiritual successor to Skies. Sadly I was hoping for the review to be more generous in its evaluation. I’ll consider keeping an eye out for it but it doesn’t seem to be any real reward winner.

The story is your typical save the world fair. But the locations are very unique, that being fictionalized and mythical, real world locations. And there is a lot of creativity in the world and the enemy designs. Seeing how this is the FF4 Remake team.