Noitu Love - 2d retro sidescrolling action for the PC

I recently stumbled upon a PC indie game called Noitu Love 2 - Evolution, which is available for only 10$ on the homepage of the designer, Joakim Sandberg. There is also a demo and a lot of other free stuff on his homepage.

This game really has everything. Great retro graphics, hilarious bosses, and a unique keyboard/mouse control scheme which just works. It’s a little short, but for replay value you can unlock two other characters with different attacks and harder difficulty.

Check out the trailer here:
If you want to see how it plays, watch this playthrough:

I’ve had this for a while, I agree, it’s really pretty amazing. You get a surprise when/if you finish it!

You can play Noitu Love 1 for free but the sequel’s very different, better and worth buying.

He also has this little free game that’s a Zelda side scrolling homage with awesome sprite work, Legend of Princess. Only one level but quite a bit of variety with the different items you choose.

Legend of Princess if how I learned about the games of Konjak. It only lasts for 20-30 minutes of gameplay but gives you a lot of fun and if i remember correctly even three or four bosses. This guy just loves to design bosses. :smiley:

This looks pretty cool!

(I’m trying to whittle down my collection of unplayed games so I’m not going to start this right now but I’ll keep it in mind.)