No stuck-scene on girigiri with PDS

hi all,
when i played PDS and reached the desert boss and saw the first time that it gets stuck i tired everything, i looked for a new emulator and patches or something.
but then i found out that it worked after the 7th time playing lol
well its just a messege to all sad people crying that pds aint running…just try patient…and reach the second stuck scene on disk two mwahaha

Pity my machine is too feeble to run it at all.



Oh and welcome to the boards Ae0n! :smiley:

I tried out PDS on the giri giri today, it seems to run quite well but the graphics and sound arent as good as they were on the saturn… im still waiting for perfect emulation, think it will ever happen?



id say the graphics are even better and on my cpu its all running smoothly and fast

I too have just made it past the first stuck scene today, on my 8th atempt at it. For people out there getting stuck, just keep retrying - it will work eventually!

Also the first stuck scene has nothing to do with damage to your PDS disc image, I got the stuck scene with my working disc.

The graphics arent better on my PC, for 1 thing the viewing distance is messed up, you have to be nearly on top of objects for them to be drawn. Also some times things are drawn in the wrong order in games although PDS doesnt seem to have this problem very often.

My main gripe with giri giri PDS is the sound, the MIDI butchers the classic soundtrack.

Ive discovered the next 2 stuck scenes and they are a complete arse for several reasons:

  1. The 2 stuck scenes occur such that you cannot save inbetween them, lowering the chance of getting through them to 1 in 49!

  2. The first stuck scene is after a boss battle so you have to fight that boss every single time you want to see if you can get through.

  3. The second stuck scene is also after a boss and is an arse for the same reason as 2.

Ok here are where they occur->

  1. Stuck scene number 2(desert is first one) - This happens on disc 1 after the battle with Craymens flag ship. It occurs when Edge says to Azel : “Why are you on Craymen’s side?”. You will know it is stuck because the voice for the line will not say the complete line and the game will not progress.

  2. Stuck scene number 3 - This occurs after the battle with Azel, Azel will say to Edge “we will see you again”(or something similar, ill get exact quote later). I believe Azel does not speak the line at all.

I havent made it through these 2 stuck scenes yet as it is a bit time consuming!.

If you save at the last save point(in the forbidden zone, you still have to fight Craymen’s 2 escorts and his flag ship before even getting to stuck scene 1! This still takes quite a while even though its quite an easy battle.

Also all 3 stuck scenes so far seem to be related to the speech sound files, in all 3 occurences the character speaking either does not say their line, or does not complete it. Maybe Giri Giri still has some problems with sound retreival.

Hmm maybe ill write and FAQ on this…

Did anyone solve this problem?

I did… kind of.

As far as I can tell, the stuck-scenes occur because either:

a) Slight incompatibility errors arise between the emulator and specific hardware setups.

b) Running at normal speed, a shortcoming of the emulator makes it miss its cue to load the next scene - in all cases, something related to a battle - and so it gets stuck in an infinite loop. (I suspect that this explanation is, very basically, the case.)

What I HAVE found is a way around the problem for myself, though whether or not it will work for anyone else I’m not sure. I discovered that, although my decent PC plays the game fine and at full speed - yet crashes on these stuck-scenes - my three-year old budget laptop which can barely even run the emulator gets past them every time.

So my advice would be: if you have a really feeble PC lurking around the place, and it can run GiriGiri - even at something like one-fifth speed - try using it for these specific scenes. If my reasoning is correct, this may circumvent the problem. If it does in fact guarentee that you will get past them, it would definitely be best, as simple trial and error could see you sitting there all night.

Just get right up to the point before you would reach each scene, backtrack and save your game, then switch to the worst computer you own. You can copy your save file between computers from the Windows > Profiles > Saturn directory.

Anyway, I’m currently up to the end of Disc 3, and have some more information which you may find useful:

Disc 1 Errors

1) Garil Desert: Gigra boss

Stuck-scene. Save immediately before entering the Blue Ruins.

2) Forbidden Zone: Atolm Dragon boss

Stuck-scene. Save before entering the Sky Transporter (i.e. before the Craymen’s Elite Guard sub-boss).

The Atolm sequence is largely messed up; there are no sky graphics, just black void.

Disc 2 Errors

1) No stuck scenes!

2) Georgius

The visuals are humerously messed up, but the place functions correctly.

Disc 3 Errors

1) Mel-Kava

The “approach to Mel-Kava” sub-area (where you fly towards the ship) and related cut-scenes cannot be seen at all due to a complete graphical error. All you can see is blackness, but just hold B to fly forward and you’ll be fine. You CAN see the enemies during the battles in this location, and the following Mel-Kava sub-areas display correctly.

***2) Mel-Kava: Atolm Dragon boss ***

Stuck-scene. This Atolm battle is apparently derived from the same game code as the first, and it screws up in exactly the same ways: no sky, and it freezes just before the battle. After clearing all the exhaust ports off Mel-Kava’s deck, exit to your world map and save the game at camp. This is as near as you can get.

3) The [Disc 3] Tower

Stuck-scene. The game loops after the introductory speech from the first sequence of battles. I have an unpleasant suspicion that EVERY battle sequence in the Disc 3 Tower will do this, but I haven’t got around to checking any further as of yet.

I also have the really unpleasant suspicion that the Forest of Zoah might not be playable at all, as it could be invisible for exactly the same reason as that Mel-Kava area. (I’d guess that the fogging layer across the screen is the cause of the “lost graphics” at Mel-Kava and the Atolm battles, due to it possibly being rendered opaque instead of transparent. I hope that I’m mistaken about this.)

And I hope all that helps…

I don’t have second computer :frowning:

But what is if the sound is turned off? This could help across these stuck-scenes…
Is there a way to turn sound off in Girigiri?

[quote=“AbaddFan”]I don’t have second computer :frowning:

But what is if the sound is turned off? This could help across these stuck-scenes…
Is there a way to turn sound off in Girigiri?[/quote]

Not that I know of; and if we are correct about that being the problem, I doubt that this would help. GiriGiri can’t change the game code, after all; the game would presumably still try and access that sound file, even if you couldn’t hear it, and it would still get stuck. But I might very well be wrong.

Can anyone else shed some light on any of this? In fact, has anyone out there got to the end of Saga on GiriGiri yet?