Nintendo Media Summit

%between%WiiLineupVideo. Drool.
Don’t read anything, just watch the video and see if you can spot the Treasure game. Hint: It’s a sequel.


Just getting the discussion started, I’m pretty amazed by much of the Wii video, I never expected anything like this to be showcased and I was doubtful of even the fabled “classic IP return” people had been discussing. I was so wrong.

%between%Monster Hunter3. Off screen cam footage.
%between%Punch Out!!
%between%Sin & Punishment 2.

Titles like a new Tales game for the Wii were also showcased. I’m glad the initial statement that there would be two Tales titles coming was true even though as the months passed people started to think that was a misunderstanding thanks to the different region versions of the new Symphonia having a different sub title. Symphonia’s sequel is a little underwhelming but this one seems to be an 100% brand new game.

Just getting started, expect more media coeverage and hopefully more proper direct feed videos early next week, it seems that there’s some sort of timed agreement to secrecy for most websites, though you’ll notice certain videos and games discussion going rampant on various more independent and less mainstream websites.

Sin and Pun II looks awesome , and Monster Hunter III looks very good. Makes me sick to see Capcom move thier IP forward , while PSO is still stuck in the dark ages .

I agree, those two do show great promise. I was also amazed at how Beautiful Ocean looked and very intrigued with the likes of Punch Out!! and Cosmic Walker.

These few titles are what I was most surprised by but there were several more I look forward to seeing a lot more of, such as the Action and Strategy RPG I don’t know the names of, the new Tales game, but also titles we knew of and had seen previously like Arc Rise Fantasia, The Conduit and the simply gorgeous Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

2009 looked like it was going to be a GREAT year for the Wii with the likes of Mad World, House of the Dead: Overkill and Monster Hunter 3 and they just added many more games that look very promising and appealing without even counting the always prominent casual oriented content, though I do want to see more of Sega’s Let’s Tap.

Speaking of Sega, Sonic and the Black Knight looked pretty awesome and speedy too.

About the relation of Phantasy Star Online to Monster Hunter, %between%Phantasy Star 0 (video) for the DS looks pretty damn good so far, with some of the nicest and smoothest 3D gameplay. If Sega play their cards right (and forget about PSU), it could become for the DS what Monster Hunter is for PSP. Both the game series and the portable were helped a great deal with the release of Freedom 1 & 2 and the same could happen here.

I’m hoping SEGA use the Hedgehog engine and really make a full on next gen sequel to PSO.

Sonic Black Knight looks nice , but the concept just seems so wrong , I don’t like the idea of Sonic having weapons , and I don;t hold out any hope over HOTD Overkill for the Wii . I wish SEGA would part IV to the PS3 and 360 and just port Virtual Cop III to the Wii .

Madworld, MH III and Sin and Pun look bloody awesome

Well I think Sonic holding a sword is better than turning into a stretchy arms werewolf. It just depends on how it’s implemented in the game, I don’t think it would be good for Sonic to start fighting enemies like Link, but I don’t think this is what they will do with it, you can probably just waggle left and right to slash enemies as you speed through the levels and only slow down for bosses like that huge knight or something… I hope.

On the bright side, it’s not a gun :stuck_out_tongue:

ScreenshotsFragile. Showing combat, sort of. I’m loving the look of this, freaky. I do hope the emphasis is on exploration as initially hinted rather than Zelda esque combat.

I think you’ll also like checking out Obobo Muramasa Youtouden, it’s 2D bliss. I think the Odin Sphere developers are making this one also. You can catch a glimpse of it in the compilation video at the first post I think, it’s the side scroller (duh).

I’ve edited some of the past posts with more links, such as to the Phantasy Star 0 trailer. Here’s another random image with some of the games shown in the videos.


No, really.