NiGHTS remake?

“On July 5, 2011, SEGA will re-release the original game from SEGA Saturn NiGHTS into Dreams. This time SEGA will upgrade Original 3D of Sega Saturn and the remake in 2008 PlayStation 2. SEGA will porting the original game to Playstation 3, Wii, XBOX360.”

I’m leaning towards bogus, but has anyone heard anything solid?

If the only source of information is Wikipedia, it’s probably bogus. The article has no citations. If it were accurate, surely the author would have provided a source.

Weird capitalization (“Original,” “SEGA”), “SEGA will porting,” “remake in” - The grammar of the article is horrible.

NiGHTS fans are trying to make ports happen, hence

However, the leaders of the NiGHTS community have connections with Sega, and while they think that the petition will pay off, they think it won’t be for NiGHTS’ 15th anniversary.
Oh, and regardless of what happens, a Wii port is HIGHLY unlikely. At least, it would be way too big for Virtual Console.

So this is totally bogus, but support anyway!

Maybe a NiGHTS fan became super-optimistic about the NID15 project and it became reality in his eyes.

ugh, do we have to support

I already have a PS2 and the PS2 game… PS2s are cheap now… the game is cheap now…

Cant they just like… buy a PS2?

The PS2 game is three years old for crying out loud, if anyone who wants to play it but hasn’t still exists they’ve had three goddamn years to get it done!

The advantage is making the game available to a wider audience. The simplicity of using Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network means that it’s very easy for people curious about a game to download the demo and give it try. People who already own a 360 are unlikely to buy a PS2 just to try the game, unless they’re especially interested in it. Plus, the convenience of having the game available on a current generation console without a disc is a definite advantage over having lots of older systems cluttering up your living room.

If the PS2 version was released outside of Japan, I would agree with a new port being unnecessary. But most gamers don’t import.

Besides, the faced-paced, score-focused gameplay would make it a perfect fit on XBLA/PSN with a leaderboard. And NiGHTS is pretty much the only Saturn game non-nerds have heard of.

Yeah, if the PS2 version was released outside of Japan, and if the gamer had a PS3 capable of playing PS2 games, then it would at least be accessible to owners of a current generation console. Otherwise, it’s a considerable inconvenience for the gamer to buy an older console, especially if he or she is only slightly interested in trying one game.

Any news on how well this turned out? I’m curious.

Given the lack of information outside of Wikipedia, I’m pretty sure it’s bogus.

Bah I say. Bah!

Well guys…

I’d just like to say, i have it on PS3 and it’s absolutely fantastic. So happy. This was just a vague ‘one day’ hope for me, but they’ve bloody well done it! Faithful revamped graphics actually take nothing away from the original. I’d recommend to new players also… Soundtrack is the same too, most important bit for me!