Nights Into Dreams Video/Audio Requirement

Hi Guys

Does anyone know where I can get a video/audio clip, of the intro movie to Nights Into Dreams? I just want the bit where nights is on the top of that building, and orchestral music that plays at this moment.


I don’t know if Nights uses cinepak, but if it does, check out the downloads page on TWoTA.

I believe the movies from NiGHTS are located in a second data track on the game disc, which is linked to by the ISO files on the first track. If this is so, it might be tricky to extract them?

If this is wrong, or if extraction remains just as easy, my bad. :anjou_happy:

The NiGHTS FMVs are stored as .CPK files on the game disc (as the PD series’ FMVs are), so if you put the disc in your PC and find the files with Windows, you’ll be able to watch them or convert them to .AVI files with the programs avaiable on TWotA. When I looked at them myself though, the audio didn’t seem to be working on them; I suspect that means that the audio wasn’t stored as part of the .CPK files themselves…

But the actual movie data is stored on the second data track, right, Lance?

I suppose it must be; I can’t think what else could fill such a large track.

The audio for each .cpk file is stored as a seperate .adp file, with the same name. For instance, M00.cpk and M00.adp extracted into one video file will give you a fully functional movie.

Of note, the adult version of the song Dreams Dreams is stored in .adp format, instead of red-book audio like the kids version. Probably had a lot to do with space issues.

I had wondered before how that song was stored - thanks, Parn! :anjou_happy: