NiGHTS in game dream language translations!

Just something I found interesting regarding NiGHTS into Dreams. A few of the phrases of the made up dream language were translated by Yuji Naka himself in this interview:

Nidcom: Is it true that the very few character voices in the game were recorded anonymously by team members who were working late at night in the offices? Can you tell us a little about how the random dream language was created? Is it partially Japanese?

Yuji Naka: Yes, it was true. In every character, a few words from our team members’ voice over were used. We were recording at night because our office had no sound proof studio.

The word for NiGHTS, “Adeema”, or the words for Reala, “Beadichnoa NiGHTS” were created by Mr. Iizuka after much reflection.

Each word actually has a meaning:

Adeema = abayo (which means good bye in Japanese slang). (What Nights screams when falling.)

Beadichinoa NiGHTS = come on NiGHTS, Etc. (What Reala says before you fight him.)

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Just a fun little fact:

Did you guys know Saori Kobayashi helped make the sound effects for this game?!

I did know that. Saori Kobayashi produced great results on two of the best Saturn games, albeit games with very different tones.