Nice model hey?

we’ve seen these before ennit.

I haven’t Shadow.
That thing is totally sweet.

I’m pretty sure you can’t find th thread where we’ve seen this Shadow… :wink:

Now really…

…I never did and I like Skydart very much so…

of course I can’t, it was on the other forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, this might send you off the deep end but that’s actually a Warhammer conversion.

The helmet and most of the armour was made from green stuff by the looks of it.

The wings are from a Tyranid Gargoyle.

The base is a GW base.

And the tail looks like it’s off a Water Elemental from Warhammer Fantasy.

… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… i have to say that is funny

I want that … lowing.htm


Even beeing related to Warhammer…

…c’mon!It’s still cool … ;D

The models look great. Still, the Shelcoof one was the ultimate.

i want one daddeh!

Anyone know any Dark Dragon one?I want one…

…bad :D!!

Hell no, that bigfuckoff Lagi someone made in their workshop was the ultimate.



Post pics! Links! Anything!



Post pics! Links! Anything![/quote]

The forum member Lagi posted some pictures of it on the old forums. If I had saved the link I could show you, but unfortunately I didn’t :confused:

it’s here, and howdy!

Welcome Lagi :slight_smile:

Hey Lagi, glad you’ve found your way here.

Yeah :smiley:

Now move your ass and read the thread about Azel by Geoff cause we have a question about that sexual-act pic :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: