Newbie questions about PD Zwei

Beleive it or not I would consider myself pretty much new to PD not having played the games for so long I cant even remember them. Getting back to Zwei is great fun though.

I am having a little problem though. The beserk mode seems to trigger quite often when I dont want it to. The controller seems to be set to x/y/z as berserk but I think it happens when I press right or left and a/b/c at the same time. I dont THINK I am pressing x/y/z by mistake. Is this a known problem or am I just being dumb?

Secondly I have absolutely no idea what dictates the route choices through the levels, on the canyon and forest levels I seem to go different ways almost at random.

Lastly, I am sure the real challenge lies in getting 100 percent and a good ranking but the game doesnt acctually seem that hard, I managed to get through to the 5th level boss on my second go with no continues. Is the low difficulty a feature of all the PD games of just Zwei?

PDZwei is a easy game yes.The hardest PD game is in my opnion PD1 and that’s because the controls are a bit rough.

As for your problem with the Berserk I can’t figure it out.Unless it’s a non official saturn pad with programmable buttons and whatnot;or maybe your control is jammmed.

The routes are selected by going in their direction with the dragon.

Example : episode two features a fork in the road more or less at the begining of the level.If you keep pressing right (holding the button) your dragon will lean to the right and when it’s time to follow one of the two routes you will go to the RIGHT one (the one on your right I mean).

If you press left you will obviously go to the path on your left side.

Sometimes this also works with UP and DOWN so you must see if there’s a possible branch in front of you that you missed…

  1. Berserk - Your controller might be jammed with a little bit…something. Check it out. Also, if you accidentally press any buttons while turning on, you may have cased a default change. Simple to fix that, switch it off, then back on without touching the controller. Non-offical ones have buttons on the back usually like ‘turbo’. I’ve had a similar problem when I was using one once. Make sure all those buttons are turned off.
    Other than that I haven’t heard of it before…

  2. If you look carefully, you’ll see that there is usually a split, like the the big mountain or a split in the trees. Holding left or right will determine which route you take. You just have to look out for where the route could split.

  3. You haven’t touhced Pandora’s box right? Well, generally, it wasn’t all that hard (Zwei) once you were used to it. Once you open Pandora’s box, you can change the difficulty if you want more of a challenge.
    As PDS and Zwei are in different genres I can’t really compare the difficulties and as I’m yet to get PD…

Hoped that helped :anjou_happy:

Gehn beat me to it :anjou_wow:

That’s definitely not right. Perhaps you could try reconfiguring the controls, see if it works better?

It’s mostly if you’re on an extreme side of the screen. Turn the instruments to “full”. Then you’ll be able to see when the routes are decided (it appears at the bottom right of the screen).

Just Zwei. PD1 was like 3 times harder than Zwei (episode 5…). This is to encourage you to play until you’ve got all of Pandora’s box.

Are you using an analogue (NiGHTS) 3D Control Pad by any chance? If so, that might be the problem; I know that PDZ doesn’t recognise the analogue pad properly, and it triggers the berserk whenever you press a certain button (either L or R, I think). The 3D Control Pad was made about a year after Zwei and it isn’t really meant to be compatible with the game, even though it works in most respects; if you’re just using a normal pad though (or a 3D Control Pad set to the normal D-pad), I’m not sure what the problem might be…

As for the routes, the best advice I could give is to set your instrument mode to “full” from the options menu, as Arcie said. However, a while ago I began work on a PDZ routes guide for the site - I’m currently working on updating the secrets section, and I’ve done PD1, PDS and PDM so far - so the following images that I made might be of help to you. Basically they just show what each route choice area looks like, and which route is which:

There’ll be a text explanation to go along with each image on the finished page, of course. The Episode 3 fork comes where two groups of enemies appear simulataneously and swerve off to the left and right, and if you take Route 1 at the start of Episode 4, you then come to the second route choice shown above. Oh, and the higher numbered routes are meant to be more difficult, so you’ll be awarded more points at the end of the episode if you take one of those.

lance is right, there is an issue with the 3D control pad triggers setting off the berserk attack. however, there is a button configuration that makes it work normally. i can’t remember exactly what it is but i think it’s only x,y, and z that are changed (it might be that you have to make only 1 of them berserk and set the others to no use). i can’t remember exactly but i’ll start up my saturn and check my game if your problem persists.

Try setting the X button to “No Use” and see what happens. I seem to remember that slight alteration fixing the problem.

I had that problem with my analogue pad, and basically you need to set one of the X, Y, or Z buttons to rotate the view so that rotating it with the triggers doesn’t set off the beserk. This is because the game thinks that that rotate and beserk button are the same button. I think the button you need to reassign was X or Z - set it to the same use as the rotate view button that is causing the beserk problem.

Wow, thanks a lot there. Lance and mega and ice all got the answer, I was using the analoge pad. After my totally insane nights bender of the past few weeks I have gotten pretty comfortable with it. I did a little experimenting and set berserk to X, and everything else to shot and used C for the shot so the finger slippage problem was not an issue. Switching back to the normal Saturn pad totally fixed the problem. I did a couple of funs with not spontaneous berserking at all.

The whole route choice thing seems a little tough, especially on level 4 bearing in mind how frantic everything is with the enemies hopping about all over the show and trying for the 100%. Even with the pictures it seems a bit tricky. But I shall get it eventually.

Thanks again!

Oh I, cant wait to try PD 1 if its really as hard as all that.

Well, the worms in Episode 2 and the whole of Episode 5, especially the boss (is there any way to stop him sapping your life?!) will annoy and enrage you respectively. :anjou_sigh:

The frame rate could be better (or maybe that’s because of stupid PAL TVs :anjou_angry:

And hey, it’s the game that started it all.

They always have to make the first one kick ass hard so people might come back to the other ones for more :anjou_happy:

Well…it’s a tatic all the same.