New Yars Revenge is Panzer Mechanics Inspired … ls-shooter

about a minute in they show gameplay:

  • on rails gameplay
  • flying winged creatures
  • esoteric worlds

Looks great, thanks for sharing.

Can you say Orta? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s about 10 minutes of gameplay: … e/17-3766/

Looks pretty cool, if a bit too easy. See how little damage she takes from the level boss? Seems like two rockets can only take 1 HP off her.

Great video, Striker. Very Panzerish… I’ll probably buy it.

The controls seem a bit weird. Is the character controlled with a different analog stick than the cursor? It seems so at times.

I think so. Somewhere in the video they mention dual analog sticks; probably the left stick moves the character and the right stick is used for aiming.

Makes sense. I wonder if it will be hard to control (like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time)?

It’s very similar to the flight section in Darksiders. I’d say it works just fine. It’s easier when you’re already used to console FPS/TPS games, since the controls are very similar.

Didn?t get that one, i can do it easy :S

It does look interesting, graphically it’s not all that impressive (it’s an XBLA/PSN game after all) but the art-style seems to make up for that.

Here’s another indie rail shooter called Starry. It obviously looks more like Starfox which means it could be called Panzer-esque due to being a rail shooter with lock ons. I don’t know if it’s any good but it’s cheap and there’s a demo available as well.

Looks like fun.

it is out (with free demo)

Great, I’ll check out the demo soon. Thanks for the heads up, Lagi.

It’s only up on Atari’s store atm. I guess it will show up on more popular digital distribution services soon. Initial impressions aren’t gr8, did you try the demo yet Solo?

Yeah, I bought it. It’s fun. It’s no Panzer, but a worthwhile rail shooter in it’s own way. For just 800 MS points, I’m not complaining. :anjou_happy:

The gameplay is fairly repetitive, but offers a decent challenge on the Normal difficulty.

The controls take a bit to get used to - you move one analog stick to control Yar, and the other to aim the cursor. It’s similar to controlling the banshee in Halo, but you cannot rotate the camera or move backwards and forwards, just move in two dimensions from the front (as in Panzer Dragoon Mini)

There are six levels in total.

The title menus are quite laggy, but that’s not the end of the world - you don’t spend much time in them.

There’s a basic storyline told with static manga pictures and with in game text-based dialogue. Nothing impressive, but it gives the game mission more of a purpose.

There are various powerups that you can collect, including a health regenerator and a homing attack. This adds variety.

I liked the art style, but that really comes down to personal preference.

Overall, if you like the Panzer Dragoon rail shooters, Yar’s Revenge is at least worth trying. It’s a good filler title until Child of Eden comes out at least.

Cool. That doesn’t sound so weird then. A lot like Sin & Punishment 2 which also has the character movement independent to the crosshair movement, rather than like Panzer Dragoon where the character follows the crosshair. Although I suppose it can be more fiddly with a dual analog setup instead of a pointing device as on Wii, which may be why some people thought the controls are weird. Although I would think 360 users would already be accustomed to such a setup with all those arena shooters on XBLA and what not. Oh well.