New Sonic game: Sonic Generations



Nah, who am I kidding.

Lots of people liked Sonic Colors (that’s the game in the image above, I thought it’s boring, and wish they’d do away with the lock on, but some of the multi tiered multi pathed levels were cool - others not so much), so it seems they’re heading in the right direction. Classic Sonic looks nice in 3D, though he needs his whirlwind legs. I never liked how they tried to make him edgy on DC.


Fingers crossed.

I like the trailer and WANT to think that this game will be the “return to form” all the old fans have been hoping for.

But honestly, it’s tough to imagine Sonic starring in a good, modern game. Sonic games have been subpar for about 15 of his 20 years existing. IMO Sega has blown their chance too many times.

sigh Pretty much.

[quote=“Snow Girl”]

sigh Pretty much.[/quote]

What I hate about that Sonic cycle rubbish is its done by people who I bet never buy a Sonic game or haven’t done since the 16 bit days . The actual fact is the last few Sonic games have been decent , if not very good in Sonic 4 and Colour 's case , even Unleashed was very good (bar for a horrid Hub system, and lack of polish and optimisation.

Anyway the game looks stunning, simply stunning , the best I seen from SEGA in ages . It’s blue, sound and moves great and looks so very cutting EDGE. It’s the SEGA of old aright

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]Eat that you doubters !!! .

Naoto Ohsima back on the case too ???. OMG this could be the Sonic since Sonic CD, more so as this seems to be a Sonic Team Japan production.

After the bull sh8t Pixar Toystory real time graphics Sony promised with the PS2. Its takes SEGA to make that dream come true.
Sonic and VF5 are just blowing always the competition with its next gen games
Knew they wouldn’t let me down :anjou_happy: .[/quote]

That was you, five years ago.

Things never change.

Spoilers: this game will suck.

PS: Sonic 4 sucked balls. Everyone knows it except Sega fans who still haven’t let go.

That’s what passes for a “quality” Sonic game these days.

Yep people posting comments on games they’ve never played much less own . Give me a shout when you acutally Buy Sonic Unleshed much less Sonic IV


I don’t have to listen to Justin Bieber’s entire music catalogue to say that his music sucks.

No you don’t, but it be nice if you owned the game, before saying it sucks

Extended gameplay footage.
Classic Sonic looks fine, modern Sonic looks the exact same as any recent 3D Sonic game.

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]

No you don’t, but it be nice if you owned the game, before saying it sucks[/quote]

That’d just be flat out stupid. I don’t need to fork money over for Sonic 4 to realize I wouldn’t enjoy it. Watching a few gameplay videos revealed the trainwreck that it was with its wonky physics.

I vote with my dollar. For the last ten years, I’ve voted Sega down over and over by not buying the majority of their half-assed products. Admittedly after watching Al3xand3r’s video, Sonic Generations looks like the first time in a decade that they may have figured out what to do with Sonic that doesn’t inspire groans across the internet. I’ll be watching closely.

hence why I said “What I hate about that Sonic cycle rubbish is its done by people who I bet never buy a Sonic game or haven’t done since the 16 bit days”

People going on videos and poor comments . Yep that’s a fair way to know if a game is actually good or not, nice one !.

yeah man you have to eat dog shit first before you can comment on eating dog shit

Yes you would: to know if its good dog shit or in fact bad dog shit.

I’m glad we’ve established that you’re a crazy person.

And I’m glad we’ve established you don’t play own the new Sonic games so wouldn’t know if they’re actually any good or not . Next you’ll be saying no need to watch films, the trailer is all it takes to know a good film , from a bad film.

Great logic that