New Shenmue 3 Hope?

“Rumours have started circulating about Shenmue III again, this time suggesting it could be funded by an exclusivity deal (via PS3 Center).”

I am, as always, keeping my fingers crossed. It’s been so long, but every game event I have a subdued hope that it will happen.

Are people still holding out hope and wanting this game, or has it just been too long?

I hope something comes of this! I’ve been meaning to get a current-generation console anyway. I would be all over Shenmue III. I’m not getting my hopes up though, this is still in the “optimistic speculation” phase.

And once it’s announced, hopefully Shenmue fans will stop spamming every post on Sega’s Facebook page with “please make Shenmue III.”

We’re Shenmue fans. Optimistic speculation is a way of life for us in this regard.

I’m probably one of the few individuals here that doesn’t want a Shenmue sequel. I found Shenmue to be the most expensive tech demo ever created, because I certainly didn’t consider Shenmue much of a game. It was a groundbreaking piece of software, but fun isn’t one of those terms that comes to mind when talking about it.

Some things are better left dead. Who the hell would buy Shenmue III that would make the development worthwhile? The first two sure as hell weren’t profitable. I’d rather they make something new, or continue funding development studios that will do exactly that, such as Platinum Games.

Even though I was disappointed with the Xbox port of the second game, I would consider buying a third Shenmue, provided they ditch the control scheme of steering Ryo like a dump truck.

Shenmue is one of those games that just immersed me into it, and captured my imagination. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I would buy any system just to play it.

Um, the article they source is just SEGA responding to questions about the franchise and saying there are no current Shenmue projects while making an off hand mention of how it could possibly be funded by a first party to become a reality (talk about begging for money, but anyway). How do they take that and start rumours implying there already is such a deal in place out of nowhere? Anyway, unless Suzuki was drafted, no thank you.