New Sega RPG

Yeah, let’s wait and see… Lovely retro music for the teaser though.

I need to know a bit more about it before I start getting interested.


Are you guys sure this isn’t fake? Looks and sounds a little sketchy…

It’s not fake, it’s a DS RPG, it’s been revealed on various places, just google it. Nothing too interesting just yet, but it could be pretty good. 7th Dragon is the full name. Or so people believe, I don’t see what else it could be anyway.

Here’s a trailer. … ailer.html

Interesting mix of the real imagery with the animated… I have to say that the chibi style is beginning to wear thin on me, though.

Looks neat. I dig anime/chibi-style and will play RPGs even if they have no innovation and as such, I’ll be all over it if it gets a US release.

Why would SEGA be hosting fake websites for games that don’t exist on their own server?

Lol, that too. By the way, its website is now properly open, not just the teaser as before.

So, browse the site now it has some content. This looks pretty sweet. Kinda lame character designs, but the low-end 3D environments remind me of Shining Force 3, even though it seems you can’t rotate the camera.