New RPG Maker for fanfics

it is old school but can do some neat things… … isi_02.jpg … isi_01.jpg

It would be neat to create some new stories using screen captures from Giri Giri + some art work.

That looks pretty cool. I remember messing around with the old RPG Maker. Might be something interesting to look into.

I’ve heard some things about that.

I’ve recently started messing around with Game Maker. It’s not really a “maker” though, it has its own programming language which is geared toward game developing with many useful functions for that. For the newbies it has this drag and drop icon system where you can easily start using some of the functions but for the full effect you need to learn the Game Maker Language (GML).

It has some 3D functions but it’s geared toward 2D games (of course, isometric is 2D).

I guess if you just want to make RPGs then an RPG maker is your best bet if you can’t be bothered with learning how to code etc but if you just want to get into proper game developing I think Game Maker is the better choice.

Only one thing, some rather useful functions are only available in the registered version but it’s very very cheap and definitely worth it in my opinion.

You can always try out how it is before forking out the cash, many types of games are more than simply possible with the unregistered version.

The community is helpful for the most part too.

I suggest you download it and then do some of the first few tutorials found on the website’s tutorial section. The first game, the shoot em up and the platform examples are enough to get the mentality of it I suppose (and none of them use actual code, only the drag and drop system).

Don’t expect to be making an rpg (or anything with complex aspects like the experience and skills systems etc) without like a year of experience in GML or something close to that though… Unless you are already familiar with programming that is.

PS: By “you” I don’t mean you lagi, just anyone, I know you don’t have the need for a maker or any easy programming language :slight_smile:

PS#2: Clickteam’s MultiMedia Fusion (or MMF) is supposed to be a good and relatively easy game maker (not geared toward a particular genre) which includes advanced actions like Game Maker and is quite popular but its price (I think over $200) is not really in a range that can be directly compared with Game Maker. I tried the company’s lower end product, The Games Factory (trial version), and it didn’t seem to be what I was looking for, while working with Game Maker has been fun so far though I don’t get to work on it as much as I’d like to.

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Anyway, I have been using Game Maker for a while now, and while simple, if you really explore the language it uses (which is quite simple) you can make some pretty impressive stuff. One of my favorite aspects of Game Maker is that it has built in support for isometric games. With enough work and dedication one could make a pretty good tactical RPG game. Granted that one could make on that is not isometric as well.

The 3D functions in Game Maker, while there become pretty much useless if you attempt to make anything with more than simple collision detection, I just don’t think it can handle it.

But I am glad that a new RPG Maker will be coming, especially one with an official US translation. Hopefully it won’t cost too much.

Well lagi related it to PD Fan Games so he stuck it here :slight_smile:

About Game Maker’s 3D functions yeah you are right they are pretty primitive but some people made some neat simple games. I forget the name of it but it was basically a hover tank deathmatch game, quite fun (and if I’m not mistaken multiplayer too).

Anyway I just mentioned that it has some limited functions, I did say that it’s geared more toward 2D/isometric games.

How long have you been working with GM, I started doing a castlevania style platformer (got a one test level demo done with some abilities in it) but after spending sometime with turn based strategy games (as seen in The Holy District’s freeware games thread) I think I’ll scrap it and attempt to make one of those (not with rpg elements though, rpg battle systems are extremely tough from what I gather and I’m just a ‘noob’)…

I’m not very good though, I got it sometime this month and I’ve only put a few hours of work into it… But it’s been fun.

If you visit their forums you might have noticed me kinda active in the novice questions section though (not asking qs myself, since I don’t work on my game much I don’t have stuff to ask often).

I’ve been working with it since about around April, not constantly but just tinkering when I have a simpe game idea in mind. My most recent one was a kind of a spin off of the flash game Squares. Basically the point of my game is to move your cursor and touch the blue squares to get rid of them while avoiding black ones. However you are trapped inside of once larger rectangle where black squares fall in all direction. The black ones only turn blue after bouncing off a wall. I’ll send it to you if you wish.

My ultimate goal is to make an isometric tactics game as well, maybe even with RPG elements. I would gladly offer any help I can with your project.

I’ve looked at the boards but have never posted. I seem to find pretty much anything I need relatively quickly since atleast someone has had the problem before. Good boards in general.

yeah sounds great! i loved squares - that almost made me fail my coursework
send it my way :slight_smile:

I’ve always loved the idea of making a story type game, being able to set atmosphere with background music etc, can this be done well with the programs mentioned?

Well I don’t know about that RPG maker but I assume it’s something quite important for RPGs so it probably does let you fiddle with music in many ways too.

Game Maker as explained in previous posts can do pretty much anything you want it to since it has its own programming language. Of course, since it’s proper programming and not just an environment that lets you mix and match elements to create a certain kind of game, it takes a lot of time to learn and effort to create an advanced game.

I’ve been playing around with the Game Maker software, and it’s rather entertaining. I made a breaking bricks sort of game in just a few minutes. Not too bad, though I think a lot of the stuff I’d have to work with in order to make a good game, I could better program on my own, without that program. Still, I enjoy playing around with these kinds of things.


If you are just using the drag and drop thing then that’s only a tiny percentage of what Game Maker can do. You can just as well write your own code instead of use the drag and drop icons (which are basically a few preset commands), create scripts or whatever… Anyway, again, it has its own programming language so to make a good/advanced game you will have to program on your own.


If you are just using the drag and drop thing then that’s only a tiny percentage of what Game Maker can do. You can just as well write your own code instead of use the drag and drop icons (which are basically a few preset commands), create scripts or whatever… Anyway, again, it has its own programming language so to make a good/advanced game you will have to program on your own.[/quote]

Oh, no, I know that it has it’s own language inside of it and such. I just meant it would probably be easier for me to do it in something like C++, etc. I’m more “at home” there, I guess you could say. :anjou_happy:

Oh right. But atleast with Game Maker you don’t have to create the game engine from scratch (like do basic things like collision detection) and the language itself has many functions that can make game making easier. Read the manual since you are experienced with programming, maybe you’ll find things you will like about the game maker language inside it.